Corrugated Metal Siding for Residential & Commercial Construction

Corrugated Metal Siding for Construction

Corrugated Metal Siding for Residential & Commercial Construction

Sometimes, you stand outside your home or business and realize something is missing. If you can’t pinpoint what is wrong, maybe you should consider investing in corrugated metal siding. Along with giving your building a new look, you will save money on energy bills and have better protection from the elements. Are you intrigued? Learn more about the benefits of metal siding below!

What is Corrugated Metal Siding?

Corrugated metal siding is a type of siding for residential and commercial buildings. It is usually manufactured in sheets. Corrugated metal siding is becoming a more popular option due to its weather resistance, cost-effectiveness, and increased environmental awareness.

You might have seen metal siding without realizing it. With more colours and styles available than ever before, it blends seamlessly into many types of buildings. We can even see a variety of sheet metal roofing in use for construction projects across Chatham-Kent Ontario.

Benefits of Choosing Corrugated Metal Siding

There are many reasons to consider metal siding for your home or business. Here are just a few:

It’s Energy Efficient

One of the biggest benefits of metal roofs and siding is that it can save on your heating and cooling bills. House siding of any kind helps prevent drafts, allowing your HVAC systems to run more effectively. But because metal siding reflects sunlight and is a poor conductor of heat, your house will not get as hot in the summer, and heat will not escape as easily in the winter.

Corrugated metal siding often comes with a foam barrier beneath it to improve insulation and increase energy efficiency. Business owners and homeowners alike enjoy the cut to their energy bills!

It Protects from Extreme Weather Conditions

If your area is prone to severe weather, you need metal siding for your residence or business. It takes heavy snow and strong winds that might otherwise damage the structural integrity of your building with ease. Better still, aluminum siding does not rust, so you will not need to worry about damage from regular rain or snow.

Corrugated metal siding can endure many harsh weather conditions. If your building needs a weather-resistant barrier, consider investing in metal siding ASAP!

It Looks Amazing

Metal siding does not have to be a series of gray lines. It can be an aesthetically pleasing siding option. Use the bold lines to your advantage to create a modern look for your building exteriors. Alternatively, metal siding can look exactly like brick patterns. With a wide array of styles, metal siding can work with almost any building design.

It’s Eco-Conscious

Many metal panels are made out of recycled materials. And if your corrugated siding panels get damaged, you can easily have them replaced. When they run their entire life cycle you can recycle them. If you want to give your house a new look, not only are metal panels energy-efficient, but they are an eco-friendly option in other ways.

It’s Cost-Effective

The initial cost of buying metal siding may be daunting. The good news is that it can last around 40–60 years! If you need to replace a piece of your siding, it is fairly easy and inexpensive. Your insurance company may even offer benefits if your house has metal siding.

Why It’s Important to Know About Gauge (Thickness) of Metal Siding

One of the best reasons to get metal panels for your home or business is added durability. If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions like hail, those chunks of ice should hit your corrugated panels, not your house. Metal is sturdier and easier to replace than other siding materials.

Why Panel Thickness Matters

You may have noticed the variety of options for metal panels on the market. One of these options, thickness, is critical when it comes to protecting your building. If you are getting metal panelling as an extra layer of defence, you want thick, sturdy panels. At the same time, you want the panels to be easy to cut and replace. When shopping for metal panels, remember that the gauging numbers on metal panels are deceptive!

A bigger number does not mean thicker metal!

Thinner panels have higher numbers, so 29-gauge metal panels are not very sturdy. 26-gauge panels are the industry standard, balancing thickness, durability, and flexibility for most residential homes. 24-gauge panels are usually not necessary, just remember the lower the number the thicker the metal.

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As you can see, there are many reasons that corrugated metal siding is a popular option. Let our skilled craftspeople size corrugated metal panels on-site for your home or commercial buildings. Metal panels are good for all sorts of building applications, and our site lets you customize to your heart’s content.

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