Durable Metal Exteriors Chatham-Kent Ontario

Metal Exteriors Chatham Kent

Durable Metal Exteriors Chatham-Kent Ontario

Chatham-Kent has a wonderful mix of rural beauty and urban innovation. The buildings uphold the harmony of classic and modern styles. If you want to upgrade your property, consider metal exterior cladding.

Metal exteriors are more durable compared to other materials like wood. They are resistant to harsh weather conditions, fire, and other detrimental conditions. They don’t need frequent maintenance, giving your property a stunning look.

Keep reading to find more details about metal building products and cladding for Chatham-Kent homes.

What is Exterior Metal Cladding?

In construction, cladding refers to the materials applied on top of the structure, facade, roof, etc., on a building. It serves two purposes – to protect your building and to improve its aesthetics.

So “metal exterior cladding” is self-explanatory. It is exterior cladding made of metallic materials like steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc. Exterior cladding made of metal or steel can be used for walls, doors – and, unlike other materials your roofing.

Metal exterior cladding offers the following:

  • Controls the temperature inside the property
  • Protects the building from weather elements
  • Provides insulation to the property
  • Offers energy efficiency and reduces bills
  • Keeps out the impact of accidents
  • Prevents fire from spreading
  • Enhances the exterior look of the structure
  • Averts leakage of moisture, air, cold, etc.

Metal cladding in Chatham-Kent options from Country Towne are available in a wide range of styles, making them versatile.

Why Exterior Metal Cladding is Good for Chatham-Kent

The Chatham-Kent region presents weather conditions common in Canada. Here’s how metal exteriors can help a building in Chatham-Kent Ontario.

Keeping Out Heat During Summer Months

Summers in Chatham Kent are humid, and the temperature can get fairly high, with an average temperature of 69F in the hottest month, July. The temperature can reach as high as 77F or more, though it rarely crosses 84F.

In such weather conditions, the reflective surface of metal roofs, doors, walls, etc., can prevent heat and sunbeams from entering a building. Thus, it can maintain the internal temperature without the use of coolers.

Prevention of Extreme Drops in Interior Temperature

Chatham-Kent is an extremely cold region. The coldest month is January, when the average temperature is 47F. But it can get as cold as 27F or less, though it rarely drops below 13F.

In such weather conditions, metal exteriors act as insulators, preventing heat from escaping. Thus, they are energy efficient, reducing your carbon footprint and energy costs by cutting down heater usage.

Protection Against Leakage and Damage During Rainfall

Rainfall in Chatham-Kent is fairly common throughout the year. The highest amount of rainfall takes place in November, while the month of July sees the least.

Metal exteriors with painted surfaces are ideal for preventing water absorption and moisture. Plus, you don’t have to spend money fixing damp walls, mould, etc. Plus, paint makes the exterior rust-proof.

Prevention of Ice Dams and Damage During Snowfall

Chatham-Kent sees regular and heavy snowfall for almost four months of the year, lasting from December to April. The average snowfall here is 4.6″ during this time, and the highest snowfall can be almost 5″.

Metal exterior, especially metal roof, is thus ideal here. The benefits of metal roofing include removing snow easily, even if it is a flat roof – with no ice dams. They also don’t bend or absorb moisture.

Reduced Risk of Fire and Damage During Storm

Chatham-Kent experiences regular storms. These include snow storms, hailstorms, thunderstorms, and more, especially in winter. They can blow away roofs, break or damage them, and cause fire to buildings.

Durable metal roofing ensures there is no possibility of dents and cracks or getting blown away. Plus, metal is fire-resistant, which means the exterior walls and roofs won’t catch fire during thunder strikes.

Stylish Appearance of Exterior Metal Cladding

When it comes to a building, protection might be the king – but appearance is the queen. So, can a metal exterior add glory and beauty to your property? It certainly can!

Metal wall panels, exterior doors, window panels, roofing, etc., are available in a wide variety of styles. The options in terms of finishes, colours, and textures allow you to pick the right fit for every design.

While a metallic finish can complement a sleek, modern building, you can go for a more rustic or classic look with etching and brushing. Combining the different textures can add character and depth to your property and its architectural style!

From vibrant shades to muted wood – you can pick anything! Modern architects play with an array of colours and textures of metal exterior cladding for a futuristic, three-dimensional look.

What makes metal even more coveted is its flexibility or malleability. Roll-formed metal can take any shape, allowing customization and even more distinctiveness in the exterior design.

Thus, metal can add elements of sophistication, boldness, and fun. And that’s what makes them so versatile. They are perfect for homes, offices, shops, malls, farms, industrial buildings, and more!

Metal Exterior Panels – Built for Durability

Metal panels for exteriors are manufactured and installed for long-lasting protection, so you don’t have to spend extra on regular maintenance. After the elementary panels are made, they are positioned in a stack within a furring system.

There, they are held in place by a tongue and groove system, making them weatherproof and resistant to other harmful elements. You can handle the entire installation process yourself if you know your way around hardware.

But it’s best to get a roofing contractor to do it. This will ensure that there is no fault in the structure – and you can remain stress-free for several decades.

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