Metal Roofing in Blenheim

Metal Roofing in Blenheim

Are You Looking for a New Metal Roof in Blenheim?

Most everyone knows that asphalt shingled roofs deteriorate quickly and must be replaced to avoid water damage to your home and contents. Did you also know the quality of asphalt shingles has diminished over the years? Before you spend another dime on asphalt, consider the benefits of a Metal Roof in Blenheim.

A reputable company, such as Country Towne Roofing, will feature quality products and be confident enough to back their product with a lifetime guarantee. When you choose us for a Metal Roof in Blenheim, it will be the last roof you will ever buy.

Call Country Towne for the installation of your new Metal Roof in Blenheim, we are one of the leading roofers in Canada with many years of experience and a professional staff willing to meet and exceed your expectations.

Asset Versus Liability

No matter how you slice it, a long-lasting steel roof will be an asset to the beauty and value of your home. Asphalt shingles are a liability, as they require constant maintenance and could hardly be considered worry free.

Metal roofing is also environmentally friendly. Country Towne Roofing can install your metal roof over your current asphalt roof and save a further contribution to our ever-growing landfill.

The lifetime guarantee that comes with your Metal Roof in Blenheim is also transferable, which is another asset when it comes time to put your home on the market.

Our Commitment To Quality

Country Towne Roofing offers both steel slate and shake roof shingles for your metal roof. They are both engineered to withstand severe weather conditions.

Our steel slate shingles will not break, distort or shed and a superior coating ensures colour retention and UV protection. If you choose our metal shake shingles for your metal roof, you can rest assured they will never split, peel, warp, or crack.

Our experienced staff is committed to making sure your Metal Roof in Blenheim is installed in a timely manner and the work area is cleaned of any debris once the job is finished.

Still Have Questions?

Call Country Towne Roofing today at 1-888-674-6570 or fill out our form for a Free Metal Roofing Estimate and permit our courteous staff to tell you why you need a Metal Roof in Blenheim.

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