Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing in Tilbury Ontario

The most expensive purchase most homeowners will have to do at some point is buying a new roof. Caring for your home should include making sure the roof is high-quality and in great condition for years to come. If your roof is degrading, you can quickly be plagued by problems like water damage and higher […]


Residential Metal Roofing – Are you in your Last Home?

Safe Guarding Your Forever Home With Residential Metal Roofing   Residential metal roofing is the best option in the roofing industry to put on your home if you are staying put. But, if you think that you might move around in the future as you add to your family and/or change jobs, it makes sense […]


Metal Roofing Ontario – Are Metal Shake Shingles for you?

  Metal Roofing Ontario If your asphalt shingle roof is over 11 years old and you live in the cold, snowy climate or sweltering summers of Ontario, you may be thinking about replacing your roof. It may be time to consider a metal roof. Metal roofs have many advantages over asphalt shingles including, longevity, curb […]


Why Invest in Metal Roofing?

Metal Roofing for Longevity, Beauty and Style that Lasts a Lifetime   Metal roofing is being used on everything from apartment complexes to residential homes in every style and color imaginable today. Not only is it versatile, though, but it also provides energy savings, superior protection, and more. Nonetheless, it’s important to understand the specific […]


Use Attractive Metal Roofing Shake Shingles – Permashake

Embrace The Beauty of Metal Roofing Shake Shingles   In this part of  Southwestern Ontario and the Chatham area, a growing number of delighted property owners have discovered the elegance of durable metal roofing shake shingles. This product, available in an array of attractive colors, easily replaces worn, unsightly asphalt shingles and looks like Cedar […]


Top 8 Questions From Home Owners Interested in Metal Roofing

Top 8 Metal Roofing Questions – From Home Owners!   1. Is a Metal Roof noisy when it’s raining? No. This is one of the most common misconceptions we run across. With everything underneath a metal roof, such as your insulation, the ply wood and 99% of the time we run the metal shingles over […]


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