Why are Modern Exterior Finishes so Popular 2024

Modern stylish exterior house.

Why are Modern Exterior Finishes so Popular 2024

If you look at Canada’s neighbourhoods, you’ll notice a surge in modern exterior finishes and designs. Homeowners now want an upgrade that not only changes the look but also reflects their personality.

Modern exteriors provide longevity without much effort, expenditure, or carbon footprint. They incorporate materials ranging from vinyl to metal in unique colours, textures, and styles.

During your home makeover, you can combine visual appeal with practical advantages and sustainability. Let’s take a look at what modern exterior design trends in 2024 and why they’re popular.

Why are Modern Finishes Popular in 2024?

Why do Canadians prefer modern designs to tried and tested architectural features, colours, etc.? Here are the reasons:

  • Unique design style: You can experiment with bold colours, exciting textures, contrasting materials, and more. There’s no set rule, and you can have fun.
  • Chic Look: Contemporary finishes have a sophisticated look achieved through sleek lines, vertical elements, earthy tones, etc.
  • Durability: Modern materials are resistant to weather, fire, and damage. They don’t need regular repairs, repainting, or replacement.
  • Energy Savings: Modern finishes often boast insulative properties. This means lower heating costs and greater savings on energy bills.
  • Eco-Friendliness: Modern siding and roofing options like steel, aluminum, etc., often incorporate recycled materials.

Examples of Popular Modern Finishes

Are you browsing architecture magazines to find the ideal choice – and feeling overwhelmed? Let’s take a look at some of the latest trends.

Mixed Materials

Incorporating different materials can give a unique combination of textures. Modern home exteriors often use vinyl shingles, wooden panels, metal cladding, etc.

This mix-and-match approach adds character to the property and breaks monotony. And with the use of complementary materials, it looks cohesive.

Accent Sections

Are you unsure about using a mix of materials or textures all across the property exteriors? Then, accents can be a safe choice.

A wooden trim, a bright wall section, a brick wall – the options are many. Even doors and windows in a bold colour can make great accents.

Board and Batten

The board and batten style uses wide panels with narrow vertical boards on the seams. Originally made from wood, it became a popular choice in the mid-19th century.

Modern board-and-batten style goes beyond vertical wood panels. You can pick any angle, material, or colour combination for the entire home or a section.

Eco-Friendly Structure

Sustainability is a popular feature when it comes to modern exterior finishes. After all, new-age homeowners are more conscious about the environment.

Metal, stucco, reclaimed wood, etc., are excellent choices. They last long and reduce material usage, construction waste, and carbon emissions.

Weather Proofing

In Canada, weather elements can be harsh and adversely affect home exteriors. That’s why modern homeowners want design ethos to go hand in hand with weather resistance.

Natural disasters like hurricanes, heavy snow, hail storms, etc., threaten homes. This prompts homeowners to choose modern materials like fibre cement, concrete, and metal.

Wooden Modern Exterior house


Are you confused between the timeless appeal of classics and the uniqueness of contemporary exteriors? The solution is simple: a fusion of traditional and modern finishes.

This is an excellent way to experiment with various architectural styles. Combining old favourites with new trends also allows your home to reflect your personal style.

Neutral Tones

Neutral colours like gray, white, brown, blue, etc., are safe choices. Plus, they’re ideal if you want the exterior space to highlight landscaping with natural elements.

There’s a wide array of warm neutrals to choose from, like beige, taupe, cream, and other earth tones. You can also choose darker tones like navy blue or charcoal grey.

Monochromatic Colours

Monochromatic exterior finishes use shades of a single colour ranging from light to dark. They present a simple yet sophisticated aesthetic.

Such exterior designs usually focus on clean lines, allowing different architectural features to stand out. It creates a modern, cohesive look.

Black and White

Contrasting colours for home finishes are in! And one of the most prominent ways to incorporate them is through black-and-white home exteriors.

This colour combination brings a unique mix of sophistication, freshness, and boldness. To overcome the challenge of maintenance, you can pick metal, fibre cement, etc.

Glass Walls

Glass exterior walls are not just for offices or malls. You and your designer can work together to plan a modern glass house, integrating glass in various ways.

You can go with full glass walls for an indoor-outdoor flow or glazed walls for privacy. There’s also the option to combine window walls with other materials.

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