Steel Roofing in Chatham Kent

Steel Roofing in Chatham Kent

Are you Looking for Steel Roofing in Chatham?
Country Towne Roofing has been providing Metal Roofing and Steel Roofing in Chatham since 2003 and have hundreds of positive client testimonials from all across Southwestern Ontario.

Price Factors for Steel Roofing:

1. The size of the roof.
The major factor here is size, the larger the roof the more materials and labor it will take a professional crew to install.

2. The slope of the roof.
12:12 pitch roof will require more time and we add a small multiplier for homes with steep pitches, loading the roof requires more effort, time and care. A 3:12 roof doesn’t require fall protection, however our metal roofing can not be installed on to any home with a 3:12 pitch or less.

3. How many angles the roof has.
A cut up roof is going to take more time than a Gable type (up and over) roof.

4. What kind of prep work is required?
A metal roof can be installed over existing shingles, but if you go with a shingle install it will require a tear-off and extra trip to the dump while a metal roof won’t cost you an environmental fee.

On average if you are looking at an traditional shingle quote our Steel Roofing in Chatham would be around double depending on the the above conditions. Now thinking about replacing your roof every 10-12 years, which product do you think is the better investment for your home?


Metal Roofing will retain 80-90% of its initial value and actually increase your home’s property value any where from 1-6%…

Traditional Roofing Products on the other hand are heavily pro rated and loose most of their value after 5 short years…

Have a Look at this CBC TV CANADA Documentary on Shingles and decide for yourself:

Don’t Waste Any More Money On Your Roof! Call County Towne Roofing Today!

Temporary just doesn’t make sense, call County Towne Roofing for your final roof! We offer a permanent solution to your home with a Lifetime Warranty on both product and labor. Get a Free Metal Roofing Estimate for Steel Roofing in Chatham today.

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