Mixing Metal Panels into Building Design & Construction

Ask any modern designer or architect about their favorite building materials and they’ll give you the same reply. One of the most popular materials today is metal. It is so versatile that it can be mixed with various materials. Plus, it has both interior and exterior uses with both durability and ease of installation. Metal […]


Steel Roofing Options for your Home

Metal roofs are the latest trend in the home construction market. Unparalleled durability, strength, and low maintenance requirements have made them a popular option among the masses. Not to mention, they look aesthetically beautiful and can definitely make your house stand out with more curb appeal. Among the different types of metal roofing products and […]


Metal Panel Suppliers – Metal Roofing & Steel Siding

Every construction company understands the importance of metal panels in home building and commercial projects. Metal siding and roofing panels are ideal for protecting any property from the elements with extreme durability. The benefits of metal panels are many and to make these building materials even better, we see metal often mixed with other traditional […]


How to Protect Your Roof from the Heat in the Summer

Canada is known for its cold weather and every homeowner knows how harmful hail storms and heavy snow can harm their roofs. But did you know that hot and sunny weather can be equally dangerous to your roof? What’s worse is that in a cold place like Canada, an extreme temperature fluctuation can cause more […]


Manufacturer of Custom Metal Exterior Building Materials

We know you have a wide range of options for your building projects. But have you ever considered a roof made of metal? If your traditional roof is falling apart and you don’t want to keep replacing shingles, it may be time for a change. Here are 5 reasons you should consider getting a metal […]


Top Problems with Traditional Shingle Roofing

Shingles have always been a popular roofing choice. That’s because of their easy accessibility, pocket-friendly price, and ease of installation. Roof shingles can be made of slate, wood, clay, ceramic, asphalt, etc… but asphalt shingles are the most common. But they also present many problems, which is what’s encouraging people to shift to other materials, […]


Board And Batten Metal Siding

Board & batten is a style dating back over two hundred years, and the aesthetic appeal continues to be a popular choice of homeowners. Its classic appearance that formerly could only be achieved with wood. Today,  metal siding can provide the same beauty of classic wood with the strength of steel with a beautiful, low-maintenance […]


Sheet Metal Roofing For Contractors

What is sheet metal roofing? Sheet metal roofing is a quick installation method where contractors make use of flat or profiled panels. These metal roofing sheets can be cut to length and used for the roof of a building to take advantage of its strength, durability, and beauty. There are different types of sheet metal […]


Benefits of Building with Metal Wall Panels

No longer are brick and wood the only building materials to choose from for commercial construction. The popularity of building with metal wall panels continues to increase as architects and commercial contractors become more aware of their benefits. Metal panels can be used for interior and exterior structural walls. Metal is already a popular choice […]


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