Sustainable Exterior Cladding Building Materials

You may have noticed some of your favorite buildings putting on new exterior cladding. Why? Buildings with metal cladding not only look different but offer other benefits to homeowners and business people alike. For example, metal cladding building materials can be part of a sustainable future. But what is cladding, and why will metal cladding […]


Corrugated Metal Siding for Residential & Commercial Construction

Sometimes, you stand outside your home or business and realize something is missing. If you can’t pinpoint what is wrong, maybe you should consider investing in corrugated metal siding. Along with giving your building a new look, you will save money on energy bills and have better protection from the elements. Are you intrigued? Learn […]


Siding Innovations & Creative Exterior Solutions

It’s easy to find information on making your house energy-efficient and modern on the inside. But have you ever considered making the exterior design of your house economical and modern to match? Different types of modern siding can reduce your energy costs by up to 30%, and our creative designs look great, too! Read on […]


Best Commercial Roofing Company Chatham-Kent

If you’re in Chatham-Kent area and own a commercial building or complex, it might be time for an exterior upgrade. Country Towne Building Supply is a locally-owned and operated business specializing in commercial roofs. We would love to help with whatever roofing project you have in mind. Here are 5 reasons you should call our […]


Architectural Building Products Chatham

Are you wondering who supplies the best architectural building products in Chatham that every home builder and commercial contractor relies on? Country Towne is a manufacture and supplier of premium metal building products in the Chatham-Kent area. What is Country Towne’s core Products and Services? The construction arena is continually growing, and we are here […]


Modern Siding Ideas for a Contemporary Home

When thinking about renovations, most homeowners want their house to be an extension of their personal style. They want to add a personal touch not only to the interior but also to the exterior of the home. Besides protecting the house, they want the exterior siding to also add to the aesthetic value. This has […]


Mixing Metal Panels into Building Design & Construction

Ask any modern designer or architect about their favorite building materials and they’ll give you the same reply. One of the most popular materials today is metal. It is so versatile that it can be mixed with various materials. Plus, it has both interior and exterior uses with both durability and ease of installation. Metal […]


Steel Roofing Options for your Home

Metal roofs are the latest trend in the home construction market. Unparalleled durability, strength, and low maintenance requirements have made them a popular option among the masses. Not to mention, they look aesthetically beautiful and can definitely make your house stand out with more curb appeal. Among the different types of metal roofing products and […]


Metal Panel Suppliers – Metal Roofing & Steel Siding

Every construction company understands the importance of metal panels in home building and commercial projects. Metal siding and roofing panels are ideal for protecting any property from the elements with extreme durability. The benefits of metal panels are many and to make these building materials even better, we see metal often mixed with other traditional […]

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