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Standing Seam

Country Towne’s Standing Seam metal panels are designed to deliver bold profiles, uninterrupted lines, and accents that highlight your roofing, wall, or accent needs.

Standing Seam feature
Standing Seam feature


Country Towne offers a wide range of corrugated metal panels to fit any build requirements. From interior corrugated panels like the minimal 1/4″ Corrugated, to durable corrugated roofing panels like the 7/8″ Corrugated, there are corrugated metal panels to meet every need.


Weatherboard offers sharp, high-definition curb appeal. Crisp edges and straight lines give a modern look on a classic style.

Lock Board

A customizable, modern, and durable solution for Siding, soffit, accent wall, and more. A great fit for those looking for low maintenance solution that will look great in 20 plus years. This collection puts a modern spin on a traditional look. It has a flat section with raised battens like the classic pine board and batten systems.

Agriculture Panel

Our agricultural metal panels offer a range of bold panel profiles for different uses, ranging from roofing, wall & siding, decking, and steel fencing. These metal panel’s aesthetic appeal combined with high performance ratings make them a perfect option for many residential roof, commercial and industrial builds. These panels are the most economical way to enjoy the lasting benefits of metal cladding on your home or project.

Box rib feature
Box rib feature

Flat Board

This metal product offers clean, crisp lines, and a pronounced stance. A customizable, contemporary, and durable solution for siding, interior paneling, soffit, accent walls, and more its sure to get noticed. Elegant enough for designer homes. Strong enough for commercial. Perforated panels available. Hidden nailing strip fastening, all metal, tongue and groove locking system.

Flat board feature
Flat board feature


Seamless eaves troughs are superior to sectioned eaves trough by having a drastically reduced lumber of seams. The only seams you will find are at the corners. There are no seams in between them. Compare this with sectioned eaves trough that have a seam every 10 ft. and its not hard to see why they are better.

Eavestrough feature
Eavestrough feature

Metal Shingles

We offer various metal roofing options for both commercial and residential roofing, including, Standing Seam, Shingle, Batten Seam, Tile Through, Fastened Panel and Curved Series.

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