Manufacturer of Custom Metal Exterior Building Materials

Metal Exterior Building Materials

Manufacturer of Custom Metal Exterior Building Materials

We know you have a wide range of options for your building projects. But have you ever considered a roof made of metal? If your traditional roof is falling apart and you don’t want to keep replacing shingles, it may be time for a change. Here are 5 reasons you should consider getting a metal roof from Country Towne Metal Supply.


Metal Roofs Are A Good Investment


Some potential homeowners may balk at the price tag of a metal roof. Don’t be scared! Metal roofs have long lifespans (40–70 years) and warranties (30–50 years). The price you pay for a metal roof is a long-term investment in your home. You won’t have to buy replacement sheets for a long time!


But the money doesn’t stop there. If you have to move, having a metal roof will increase the value of your house by 1–6%. Some homeowner’s insurance plans will give you a discount for having a metal roof because of how sturdy they are (but more on that later). Unlock financial bonuses that you never knew existed because you got your roof replaced.


Metal Exterior Building Materials are Eco-Friendly


Metal is one of the most energy-efficient materials. According to, a metal roof can save you anywhere from 15–40% on your energy bill. They are also cooler than asphalt roofs, which trap heat from outside. Metal roofs reflect sunlight into the air.


But these roofs aren’t just energy efficient. Even if your metal roof gets damaged, you can recycle it. Compare this to asphalt roof shingles, which are made of petroleum and cannot be recycled. They must also be disposed of every 15 to 20 years, meaning they are eventually destined for the dumpster. Not only can you recycle your metal roof when it wears out, but metal roofs usually contain recycled materials from the start!


Our Metal Building Materials are Durable & Long Lasting


There are several effective solutions to the common problems that could occur with exterior building materials. Coating products are often used on metal roofing, steel siding or cladding to decrease corrosion and make the metal reflect UV rays.


Furthermore, metal roofs are surprisingly resistant to rough weather. Regular ice and rain won’t damage a metal roof at all. They even take fire surprisingly well. It takes rough hail or something like a tree falling on your house to truly damage a metal roof.


Metal Roofs Are Colourful


Between paint jobs and multiple alloys, metal roofs can come in a wide variety of colours. Galvanized steel, zinc, tin, aluminum, and copper can all be used to make metal roofs. If you don’t opt for the range of colours that paint can provide, your metal roof might have a colour of its own. We offer a vast range of metals and paints to suit whatever aesthetic you need. The colour options are limitless!


Colour and material can also affect the price of your roof. Galvanized steel, a type of steel that is both sturdy and beautiful, is often the cheapest. Copper and zinc are the most expensive metals to make a roof out of because they add their natural colours to the building design!


And why use shingles when you can give your roof a stylish, scalloped edge? We have plenty of examples on our website if you need design inspiration. Our project gallery is updated frequently, so let your imagination go above and beyond.


Metal Roofs Save You Time and Stress


Have you ever done roof repair? It’s stressful and dangerous to get on top of your house and take down the broken shingles. Most metal roofs only need to be resealed after getting damaged. If you feel like repairing a metal roof yourself, SFGate newspaper published a DIY guide. If you don’t feel up to the task, let our project team take care of the repairs so that you never have to go on your roof again!


Also—and this is, admittedly, a matter of personal taste—some people find the sound of rain falling on a tin roof soothing. If you’re fond of them, you probably want a metal roof already. Why not look into our custom products today?


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If you’re looking for a new roof for your house, Country Towne Metal Supply has the exact product you are after! Let our project team help you create the roof of your dreams. Our selection of products does not start or end at roofing, so be sure to check out the rest of our product lines, including metal siding and other building products.


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