Metal Panel Suppliers – Metal Roofing & Steel Siding

Metal Panel Suppliers

Metal Panel Suppliers – Metal Roofing & Steel Siding

Every construction company understands the importance of metal panels in home building and commercial projects. Metal siding and roofing panels are ideal for protecting any property from the elements with extreme durability. The benefits of metal panels are many and to make these building materials even better, we see metal often mixed with other traditional materials for modern designs.

Country Towne is a premium supplier of construction materials and can provide you with a massive selection of metal wall & roof panel options. In addition, we also have a wide variety of custom metal trim and flashing. All of them have commercial, agricultural, and residential build applications. We even offer rolled on site, contractor metal roofing.

So let’s take a look at the different types of metal panels that you can choose.

Benefits of Metal Roofing and Siding Panels

Metal panels have several advantages, which is why they are the favorites when it comes to building construction. Their advantages are as follows –

a) Convenient Installation

Metal is an excellent choice for siding and roofing panels. That’s because they are easy to install – without special requirements. Insulated metal panels are equipped with concealed fasteners to make the process of installation easy. As a construction expert, you won’t need to make additional efforts to install them.

b) Low Maintenance

Metal panels are virtually maintenance-free because they do not wear and tear easily. That’s because they do not break and crack due to exposure to high heat or thermal shock cycles. They are also resistant to corrosion – and basic checking on a regular basis should help keep metal roofs and walls in good shape.

c) Flexibility of Design

Metal panels can be used anywhere, with exterior and interior applications. They can be shaped and textured in various ways and can offer different looks. They can also be painted or tinted to boost the appearance of the panels. Thus, there are many options to customize metal roofing or siding panels.

d) Eco-Friendly Option

Metal panels can be made using nothing but scrap materials and recycled metal. Recycling and reusing metal to make panels for the walls and roofs of buildings is a great way to take an eco-friendly path. It won’t hamper the quality of the material. After use, metal panels can again be re-utilized.

e) Long-Lasting Material

One of the best reasons to use metal roofing and siding panels is that they last really long. Once you install metal panels, you can guarantee that your project will not require a replacement or repair job for several decades. In most cases, property owners do not have to worry about it in their lifetime.

Metal provides impressive strength, durability, and resistance against heat and corrosion. Thus, it is used in various ways in different types of constructions. Here’s how metal panels work for walls and roofs of both big and small structures –

Wall Panel

For the walls of a property, insulated metal panels are used. These are lightweight modular materials that envelop all the walls. It insulates the water and protects the property. They can be incorporated during renovation or construction. Thus, metal siding panels provide many advantages and strengthen buildings.

Roof Panels

Panels can be used on the roof to provide insulation. They help to waterproof the roof and protect it from cracks and damage during the extreme summer heat. Similarly, hailstorms, heavy snow, winds, etc., do not break, dent, or upturn metal panels. Metal roofs can even enhance the property’s curb appeal and value.

Mixing Metal Panels

Modern constructors and suppliers have moved on to the idea of mixing metals. This is a great way to utilize contrasting designs and textures together. You can use unlimited types of metal panels for walls and roofs. Usually, one type of metal is used on the roof while another is used on the property walls.

Using different metal types gives you the opportunity to put together various colours and textures. Plus, using different metal panels would mean that you get a variety of building designs with their installation versatility. They can be used in residential homes, agricultural buildings, commercial spaces, and more for protection and beauty.

Mixing Metal with Other Materials

Metal can also be mixed with other materials like wood, shingles, stones, etc. This is an excellent way to modernize the look and feel of any structure you are looking to create. There are various ways to integrate a mixture of metal and other materials into a build. Metal roofing panels can be used with wood, stone, bricks, etc., to extend the roof life of the home or commercial project.

For roofs, a combo of standing seam and traditional shingles can also be used. Metal and stone can be combined for residential properties to create an attractive accent. They can look great on exterior walls, carpools, etc. Of course, using metal with other materials will require greater expertise during installation with quality materials.

Importance of Working with Trusted Metal Panel Suppliers

There are many metal panel suppliers out there who can give you a variety of materials for your construction projects. It is essential to choose a supplier who understands that all your construction projects may require different metals, combinations, and metal finishes.

Experienced manufacturers and suppliers will be able to provide a wide range of colours, textures, and styles. They should provide you with a catalogue of the panel profiles and project examples to help you understand the applications of the items they have in stock.

Free Metal Roofing Estimate

To get the best out of a metal panel supplier, reach out to Country Towne, one of the best metal roofing and siding material experts in Canada. With us, you can guarantee quality, flexibility, affordability, and durability for every project that you work on. So contact us today!

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