Steel Building Materials for Eco-Friendly Construction

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Steel Building Materials for Eco-Friendly Construction

Canada is one of the leaders in the global drive to adopt sustainability. It’s innovating efficient ways to achieve eco-friendliness.

The change has reached its building construction sector, too, where green features, including sustainable building materials are common now. And steel tops the list of materials supporting the low impact of construction on the environment.

Different steel building materials enhance efficient designs with their strength and durability. But how does steel fit Canada’s sustainable construction practices?

Keep reading to know what makes steel a more eco-friendly choice than traditional construction materials.

The Trend of Canada’s Green Construction

Did you know Canada has pledged to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by 2050? And, by 2030, the country wants to reduce the negative impact of the buildings sector.

Canada is experiencing the effects of climate change faster than most countries. Going green in different sectors, including construction, is not just a fancy trend but an urgent need.

Canada’s green construction strategy attracts major investments into environmentally safe designs and material usage. And steel building materials play a crucial role in enabling this approach.

Steel is a highly durable, versatile, recyclable, and adaptable material. And it caters to the goals of green building.

These include optimizing design and material efficiency, reducing energy usage, and minimizing waste. They lower the material’s environmental impacts during different phases of its lifecycle.

As Canada is transitioning to a greener future, steel helps build energy-efficient buildings with minimal carbon footprints. This makes it an excellent choice for the country’s builders, designers, and homeowners.

Why Choose Steel Building Materials for Eco-Friendly Construction

Steel is popular in construction projects because it lasts 50-100 years and enhances their aesthetic appeal. And it offers noteworthy environmental benefits in the long run.

Steel Cladding Cost in Ontario

Different types of steel construction materials have been undergoing changes toward eco-friendliness at every phase. Here’s why steel is considered a sustainable building material:

Sustainable Production, Transportation, and Construction

Steel production and construction methods have recently been changing to integrate sustainable options. Steel mills are adopting electric arc furnaces that use 31% less energy and produce 87% less CO2.

Efficient off-site prefabrication of raw materials enables rapid on-site construction and reduces downtime. It cuts emissions caused by transportation, as well as material waste.

Overall, advanced steel production and construction techniques slash energy use, carbon emissions, and waste. It allows builders to construct green buildings quickly and efficiently with minimal environmental impact.

Reusable Material with Minimal Waste

Steel is one of the most recycled materials, reused for minimal waste. Around 650 metric tons of steel scraps are used annually for steel production.

Unlike materials like wood or concrete, it doesn’t degrade during its lifetime. And, it does not lose its strength, resilience, or durability when recycled.

It can be conveniently deconstructed at end-of-life – and repurposed into new materials and structural elements. It’s 100% restorable with simple melting and separation, which minimizes waste.

Reduced Usage of Natural Resources

Steel’s endless lifecycle and recyclability conserves substantial natural resources needed for new material production. Recycled steel minimizes energy consumption during manufacturing or raw material extraction.

Steel is an alloy, and Iron is the primary ingredient in it. So, when 1 ton of steel is recycled, it can save 1.4 tons of iron ore.

Steel production also heavily depends on coal and limestone. And, recycling 1 ton of steel saves 740 kg of coal and 120 kg of limestone.

Minimal Material Use

Steel has a high strength-to-weight ratio, making it a versatile choice as a building material. It has remarkable tensile strength, can handle immense loads, and doesn’t deteriorate due to stress.

You can put the same load on one steel beam and another made of a different material. The steel beam will be smaller in size and weight and use fewer materials.

Steel building materials can resist Canada’s harsh weather conditions, fire, pests, and impact. They last for decades, thus conserving raw materials, energy used in manufacturing, and minimizing new material usage.

Energy-Efficiency of Building

Apart from minimal energy consumption during the production process, steel also makes a building energy efficient. Its low environmental impact makes it a sustainable choice as a building material.

Steel provides natural insulation and maintains indoor temperature in all seasons. Thus, the air conditioning and heating costs in buildings with steel roofs and sidings are lower.

Besides, steel is suitable for solar panel installations, and it enhances the system’s efficiency. Thus, it supports solar energy usage as a renewable energy source to power residential and commercial buildings.

Contact Country Towne to Join Canada’s Green Construction Drive

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