Top 10 Home Owner Questions about Metal Roofing

Top 10 Metal Roofing Questions

Top 10 Home Owner Questions about Metal Roofing

10 Metal Roofing Frequently Asked Questions

Considering a metal roof? Read over these metal roofing frequently asked questions to learn why a metal roof might be the best option for you!


There are a variety of roofing products out there now, but more and more people are opting for metal roofs today for their durability and stylish look. If it’s time for you to look into a new roof, you may have some questions about using metal as a material. We answered your metal roofing frequently asked questions right here in this blog post!


  1. What options do I have when it comes to residential metal roofing?

There are multiple types of metal roofs. The main options are steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc. There are two types of steel: galvanized steel and galvalume steel. Most roofs with interlocking steel shingles or stone-coated steel shingles use galvanized steel while steel standing seam panels generally use galvalume steel.


  1. How much do metal shake shingles cost?

These are general starting prices for each type of roofing listed above with installation:


  • G-90 galvanized steel in interlocking steel shingles- $7.50 per square foot
  • G-90 galvanized steel in stone-coated steel shingles- $10.00 per square foot
  • galvalume steel standing seam- $10.00 per square foot
  • aluminum- $9.00 per square foot
  • aluminum standing seam- $100 per square foot
  • copper and zinc- $9.00 – $14.00 per square foot


It’s important to note that these prices do not include removing your existing roof, and the prices vary depending on location. Prices will be higher in a metropolitan area.


  1. How will a metal roof affect my homeowners insurance?

Metal is one of the only roofing materials that offers a discount. This is because of its fire-resistant properties and resistance to termites and other damaging bugs. There are a lot of variables that will determine your premium, though.


  1. How long will my Premashake ATAS last?

Aluminum or steel will last 50 years while copper and zinc will last 100 years. Many also come with a lifetime warranty, depending on the contractor. Compare this to asphalt shingles which only last 12 – 17 years, and you see what a value you get with your metal roof! When you do start to notice some wear on your metal roof, you may choose to coat it instead of replace it. This process only costs 1/3 the price of replacing it.


  1. What’s the resale value?

Metal roofs have a fantastic resale value because of its longevity. The national average resale value on metal roofs is 85%.


  1. Are metal roofs environmentally friendly?

Yes! Metal roofs are 30 – 60% recycled material when you buy it. When you replace it, the entire roof is recyclable. They also don’t lose quality after recycled multiple times.

Furthermore, metal roofs help with energy bills by up to 25% annually because of a four inch strapping system in between the plywood and metal. This four inches acts as a efficient insulation that keeps your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Asphalt shingle roofs will not provide this same insulation.


  1. How can I help preserve and maintain my metal shingles?

Metal is known for being low maintenance, but you can still preform regular procedures to keep your roof looking and working its best. First, inspect your roof and wash it down with a hose twice a year and after extreme storms. You can easily walk on a metal roof. If you notice chipping, simply add a bit of paint to the affected areas. Shingles with rust or corrosion can be easily replaced if necessary, but that’s rare. The items that will need replacing the most are the gaskets. When you notice that its time to replace some, be sure to use the same type of metal as your shingles to avoid corrosion and unnatural coloring.


  1. Will my metal roof attract lightening?

Absolutely not! Metal roofs are safe no matter how much it rains in your area. In fact, it actually protects your home from lightening. It also doesn’t accumulate rain or heavy snow like other materials do. With no accumulating rain and snow, there are very few if any water damage and leaks.


  1. Sleek, modern look with metal shake shingles

Metal roofs are perfect for a modern home, and metal is easily painted any color you want. You can make your roof truly stand out or keep it natural and discrete. The best part is that if you want a change, it’s a simple process!


  1. Are there any downsides to metal shingles?

Every material comes with some disadvantages, but they are few and insignificant in the case of metal roofing. However, metal roofs have a higher installation cost than other materials because the installation process is more complex. Unfortunately, the roof can also be a little noisier than other options during rain and hail. It also can get dented after hit with excessive force.



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Metal roofs are the perfect options for almost any homeowner looking for a permenant solution to the re-roofing nightmare. Look up Premashake ATAS in your area today! Then contact us for your Free Metal Roofing Estimate Now!

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