Invest in Metal Roofing

Why Invest in Metal Roofing?

Metal Roofing for Longevity, Beauty and Style that Lasts a Lifetime   Metal roofing is being used on everything from apartment complexes to residential homes in every...

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Metal Shake Shingles

Use Attractive Metal Roofing Shake Shingles – Permashake

Embrace The Beauty of Metal Roofing Shake Shingles   In this part of  Southwestern Ontario and the Chatham area, a growing number of delighted property owners ha...

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Metal Roofing London Ontario

7 Reasons to Consider Metal Roofing London Ontario Mеtаl hаѕ bесоmе a рорulаr choice оf rооfing material оvеr thе past dесаdе or ѕо, but juѕt whу а...

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Top 8 Questions From Home Owners Interested in Metal Roofing

Top 8 Metal Roofing Questions - From Home Owners!   1. Is a Metal Roof noisy when it's raining? No. This is one of the most common misconceptions we run across. ...

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Testimonial from Richard D.

Country Towne Builders did an incredible job with our roof! We are very please with it. They were very thorough and very professional. Theyw ere working at one point in the ra...

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Testimonial from Marianne S.

Country Towne Builders installed new guttering and soffits. All of my expectations were met. Mr Martin was very courteous and agreed to do work for me above what was contracte...

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Testimonial from Wayne S.

They were very efficient. Their workmanship was second to none. They started at 8:00 am and did not quit until 5:00 pm, which is very unusual. A guy across the road was having...

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Testimonial from Nicole T.

He was amazing with what he did with our house. We did our roof and eaves. The workers were considerate and very conscientious. The work was done very well and any concerns we...

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Testimonial from Larry A.

Perfect 10! They met all of my expectations. Their service was prompt and they explained everything. The guy that does the contract is new, but he does a good job. You guys ca...

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Testimonial from Karl L.

They did a great job! They came explained how the roof was going to be laid out and go on the roof. They told me when they were going to be here. We arranged to have the roof ...

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