Best Commercial Roofing Company Chatham-Kent

Best Commercial Roofing Company Chatham Kent

Best Commercial Roofing Company Chatham-Kent

If you’re in Chatham-Kent area and own a commercial building or complex, it might be time for an exterior upgrade. Country Towne Building Supply is a locally-owned and operated business specializing in commercial roofs. We would love to help with whatever roofing project you have in mind. Here are 5 reasons you should call our roofing team about any commercial project involving metal building products in the Chatham-Kent area.

5 Reasons to Contact Us First…

1. We Offer Quality Workmanship

Our highly-established roofing company offers nothing but the finest roofing services. We have done metal roof installations for many businesses near you! Look around the Chatham-kent area; and you might recognize some of our work in Southwestern Ontario.

If you want an attractive roof that won’t come with costly roof repairs, ask our metal roofing contractors about a complete roof replacement for your business. We offer the finest products at a reasonable price.

2. We Have Extensive Experience Installing Metal Roofs

Do you have older asphalt roof? Have the shingles been falling off after a little over a decade? You should consider getting a metal roof to replace it, especially if some pieces have fallen off. We also handle fascia replacement and other repair services.

But if you don’t have a metal roof, please consider one as a potential investment for your business. According to this article on metal roofing by State Farm Insurance, steel roofs are…

  • Energy-efficient. Cut down your energy bills by 10–25% by switching to a sheet metal roof. They also use recycled roofing materials. If a piece of a metal roof gets damaged, you can recycle that, too. Asphalt roofing is never recyclable; metal roofs are an environmentally-friendly roofing option.
  • A long-lasting roof solution. Metal roofs can last 40–70 years, compared to 12–20 years for asphalt shingle roofing. You will never have to pay for a roof shingle repair again!
  • Low-maintenance. All you need to do is inspect your roof for damage after installation. Let us know what went wrong and we will do what we can to help.
  • Safe. Metal roofs will not catch fire, for example. A properly-treated steel roof will not rust, and metal roofs are unlikely to be blown away by the wind.
  • Aesthetically-pleasing roof. A metal roof can look however you want with the right combination of paint and styles. If you want a green roof, you can get one.

Even if you don’t need a new roof, you may want one after looking at the gallery on our website. Given that Canada is prone to extreme freeze-thaw cycles, you will want something that lasts. We will make a roof that can endure the worst Canadian winters.

3. We Value Your Input

One thing that makes our service unique is that you have a lot of input throughout the entire roofing experience. We bring your commercial premium roof to you and cut it to your exact specifications on-site. You are part of the entire process, from order to installation. You can also keep track of the payment process online!

4. We Offer DIY Services & Materials

If you want to install the metal roof yourself, believe it or not, we are willing to help with that, too. We offer roofing know-how in the DIY section of our website. Our skilled metal roofing contractors are not afraid to teach a man to fish, so to speak. Let us help you find the perfect roofing solution. We always provide our customers with quality products—even if they’re they want to install those products themselves.

Whatever DIY project you have in mind for your roof, let us know what we can do. We offer professional on-site roll forming as well, when you need panels made on location.

5. We Offer More Building Products: Metal Walls & Cladding

Along with metal roofing, we also do metal walls and cladding. Again, these enhancements are both practical and pleasant to look at. According to, many of the benefits of metal roof solutions can also help your home or business. Apply the durability and energy efficiency of our roofs to the rest of your workplace.

Metal cladding is a modern way of customizing your home. While cladding’s main purpose is to protect the walls you already have, realistically, people usually do it for a snazzy type of home customization. It’s both beautiful and useful.

Contact Country Towne Building Supply

Are you looking for innovative roofing for your business? Or maybe you want to be more environmentally conscious. We offer many modern roofing solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and energy-efficient. Contact us today for a fair metal roof estimate.
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We serve the Chatham-Kent area; look around and you might see our work. Our metal roofing experts would love to make your perfect roof, so call or email us today!

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