Best Metal Roofing Companies in Chatham-Kent Ontario

Metal Roofing Companies in Chatham-Kent

Best Metal Roofing Companies in Chatham-Kent Ontario

We Are Your Ideal Metal Roofing Partner for Chatham-Kent

The construction industry, like every other industry, is on a continuous evolution journey. The innovation of better roofing materials gives manufacturing companies a competitive edge and the homeowners, a diverse variety of products to choose from. Homeowners are learning all the extensive benefits that a metal roofing system can bring from curb appeal to resale value. ATAS International stands out as one of the best metal roofing companies in the country and abroad.

At ATAS International, whether you are putting up a new commercial building up or improving an old one, you get an ideal opportunity to invest in high-quality metal shingles, even for your home such as;

1. Advanta Shingle

For weather tightness, this shingle has a four-way interlock on its pre-punched fastening points.

Advanta Steel Shingle Brochure


2. CastleTop Shingle

This shingle will give your roof a fantastic look with its diamond shape design. Its concealed fasteners give it a smooth finish and are pretty easy to install. Interestingly, in a case where you wish to upgrade your old roof, you can install these shingles on your existing roof, saving you the resources of tearing off of the old roof.


3. Rumba Shake

For roofs with roughly a 4:12 slope, this Bermuda style is ideal. It is also suitable for walls.

Rumba Shake Steel Roofing Brochure


4. Standing Seam Shingles

These shingles have transverse seams on them, giving them an elegant style. With this design, winter season is nothing to worry about, snow and ice easily slide off your roof, preventing damage that is brought by thaw and freeze.

Standing Seam Brochure

All these metal products adequately fit any home owner’s roofing needs and then some. It’s a fact that metal shingles are permanent. This is a significant factor that marks us among the best roofing materials. Although there are some slight similarities with asphalt shingles, metal shingles are an improved version that comes with more considerable advantages. Things like cool roof technology.


Metal Roofing Benefits & Advantages


1. Durability

Metal roofing is the most durable as compared to other roofing options. It is highly resilient to harsh weather elements such as wind damage and hail. It has as many as three times the lifespan of asphalt shingles and pretty resistant to fire. They also come in different gauges for different uses ranging from measure 29 to gauge 24. For thinner material, the gauge number is higher. In areas with severe weather instances, 24 gauge in most appropriate.


2. Light in weight

They are pretty light in weight, weighing roughly half the weight of asphalt shingles.


3. Low maintenance

As compared to other roofing alternatives, these have the lowest maintenance cost or none at all.


4. Designs and styles

Metal shingles are available a wide variety of textures, styles, and colors. With such a range, you can comfortably choose a texture or color that perfectly fits your desired appeal. Unlike other roofing materials, these shingles and shakes are easy to customize and detail.


For homeowners who prefer the old split wood kind of roofing, metal shake shingles are specially made to give that very effect. Once the installation is complete, it will look precisely like wooden roofing materials. Metal shake shingles give you that beautiful appeal as well as all the advantage of using metal material. Over and above the quality of the material you use in roofing, artistry is equally essential.

Metal Shingle Roof


Contact Country Towne for the Best in Metal Shingles

It would be advisable to work with a licensed metal roof contractor, with real metal shingle experience in roofing. A metal roof contractor who has previously worked in an area near you would be of a more significant advantage as you can see samples of their work and ask for local reviews.


Free Metal Roofing Estimate


As a new or even an old homeowner, your property deserves a great appeal. How better to do this than to give it a beautiful, long lasting, easy to install metal roof? It’s time to consider metal. Here at Country Towne Metal Roofing, there is a design and color for every roofing look you desire. Call Luke today at 1 888-674-6570.



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