Corrugated Metal Roofing Chatham Ontario

Corrugated Metal Roofing Chatham Ontario

Corrugated Metal Roofing Chatham Ontario

Corrugated Metal Roofing Chatham Ontario

Six Excellent Reasons to Switch to Corrugated Metal Roofing Soon Have you admired the beauty of corrugated metal roofing lately? Today, builders and homeowners throughout Ontario frequently opt to replace worn asphalt shingles with lovely new steel roof products. Consider just six strong reasons to choose stylish metal panels or metal shingles as your first choice during roof replacement in this part of Canada:


1. Metal Roofing Offers Decorating Flexibility

The decision to replace an aging asphalt shingle roof with new corrugated metal roofing often revolves around aesthetic concerns. Currently, metal products contribute to several different types of roofing systems, including metal panels and metal shingles. Some of these products, such as lovely Premashake ATAS shingles, actually resemble other types of construction materials. (Someone looking at the roof from the ground might mistakenly assume a homeowner has installed cedar roof shingles; only a close inspection reveals metal forms the primary constituent in these eye-catching roofing tiles.)


2. Metal Shake Shingles Retain Their Color And Shape

Metal shake shingles or panels also solve a pervasive problem. These materials won’t fade over time, nor will they change shape easily. Roofers often assess the age of an asphalt shingle roof by considering the condition of the tiles. Over time, the impact of beating sun, blowing wind, pounding rain, and algal growth may cause asphalt tiles to bend, crack, warp and lose their original colors.(1) Metal products by contrast don’t succumb to these changes. Instead, these roofing products retain their original beauty for decades. They offer an excellent return on investment in this respect.


3. Enjoy Enhanced Durability

The enhanced ability of steel roofing products to withstand the impact of the elements over time accounts for their lengthier anticipated lifespans. One insurance company website reports these roofs last on average between 40 to 70 years, depending upon the particular roofing system. By contrast, property owners typically enjoy an asphalt tile roof for a much briefer period of time: between 10 and 20 years.(2) With proper care, metal products supply long lasting utility.


4. Benefit From More Rapid Construction

Yet another strong reason to consider selecting a metal-based roofing system relates to reduced construction time frames. An experienced roofer usually installs this type of product more quickly. Additionally, the project won’t require as many workers. These advantages frequently help offset the higher initial cost of a steel roofing system. Builders who require roofs for multiple structures obtain significant advantages by opting for metal over asphalt.


5. Ultimate Wind And Fire Resistance

Of course, unlike asphalt, metal can withstand extreme winds and burning embers. New metal systems for roofing homes and businesses often enjoy popularity in rural Ontario for this reason. Despite the superficial resemblance of some Premashake ATAS shingles to wood (including realistic wood grain textures), these materials don’t sustain insect and fire damage as readily. While they cannot offer absolute protection against either of these threats, metal shingles do supply a superior level of resistance.


6. Enjoy a Low Maintenance Roof

Yet another important distinction between asphalt tile and steel roofing systems concerns the level of annual maintenance these products require. Since metal panels won’t blow away in the wind readily, roofs constructed from these products tend to resist wind damage. Panels in some systems interlock, adding extra security to the roof. By contrast, owners of aging asphalt tile roofs often need to obtain annual roof repair services to tighten loose shingles and replace missing sections of tile dislodged during seasonal storms. If portions of the roof lie within heavily shaded locations, owners may also find themselves shouldering a steep annual cleaning bill. It may become necessary to wash the rooftop in order to remove moss and algae growths. These extra maintenance obligations will eventually increase the cost of maintaining an aging asphalt tile roof over the long term. Property owners who replace worn asphalt tiles with new metal products usually decrease yearly roof maintenance expenses.(3)


Lovely Metal Roofing: A Smart Investment!

Today, fashionable steel roof products offer numerous advantages. Available in a variety of appealing styles, including corrugated panels and Premashake ATAS shingles, these materials enhance design flexibility. They offer a wide array of appealing (and permanent) color options, too. Enjoy a strong, durable roof which applies easily and furnishes improved resistance to hazards such as termites and fires. Alleviate many of the maintenance burdens associated with keeping an older roof in an attractive condition. Consider contacting Country Towne Metal Roofing today to explore our impressive inventory of superb roofing products.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you in person and answer your questions about different steel roofing systems. Call us now at 888-674-6570. Or use the convenient online contact form. We look forward to assisting you!


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