Metal Roof Installation Chatham-Kent Ontario

Metal Roof Installation

Metal Roof Installation Chatham-Kent Ontario

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Current homeowners are constantly making decisions that impact the efficiency and quality of their house. One of those choices is deciding the type of material you will use to construct your roof. If you haven’t considered installing metal roofing, read to see why this type of structure can be a superior choice for your home. Country Towne is a dedicated roofing contractor serving the local area in Chatham with our superior service.


A Better Choice Over Asphalt Shingles


A commonly used material that many people use is asphalt shingles. While this can be a good option, metal roofing has more advantages. Installing this type of material will be more of an upfront cost, but you’ll see why it is well worth the investment. Here are some reasons why a metal roof installation Chatham is beneficial.


Asphalt Roofing Costs


Why Trust a Metal Roof Installation for Your Home:


They last a lifetime– Asphalt shingles are only known to last roughly 20 years, and they often peel, chip, or get damaged easily. In contrast, metal shingles can last a lifetime, and maintenance is much easier.

Adds value to your property– A metal roof can add instant value to your home because it is often seen as an added luxury item. A potential buyer won’t have to worry about replacing the roof.

Protection against the elements– Fire, wind, rain, hail, and snow are no match against a metal roof installation. You can feel a peace of mind knowing you’ll be protected from all elements of Mother Nature. A metal roof can save you thousands of dollars in damages should your home be impacted by the viscous effects of extreme weather.

Reduced energy bills- Did you know you can save money on your energy bill by having a metal roof? During the summer, the heat is reflected, but in the winter heat will be less likely to escape.

Aesthetic Value– If you like a natural looking roof, you can still have this option with metal roofing. Metal shake shingles can give you the look of cedar shakes, yet will never warp or peel. In addition, metal shake shingles don’t require routine maintenance.


Year Round Metal Roof Installations in Chatham-Kent


We proudly offer metal roof installation around the clock at all times during the year. As mentioned earlier, a metal roof has tremendous benefits during summer and winter months. As a professional company that puts our customers first, Country Towne is available to install your perfect roof at any time your prefer.


Do I Have To Remove My Old Roof?


Did you know that many times a metal roof can be installed directly over your asphalt shingles? This will save you the hassle of having to deal with a mess on your property. Metal shingles are easy for our company to install, and you’ll reap the benefits for a lifetime. Whether you need a residential or commercial metal roof install, we strive to make the process efficient. While putting a roof on a home isn’t an easy task, our company considers the fact that our customers have to live their day to day lives. During the process, we talk about what you can expect through every step of the way.


metal roofing installed over asphalt


Financing Is Available!


As mentioned earlier, a metal roof is more of an upfront investment. We value every customer, so we proudly offer financing options to help take the stress of paying for the costs all at once. While you’ll be investing in your home, it will be saving you money on future roof repair and replacement.


Always Use a Preferred Metal Roof Contractor


Country Towne is proud to give our customers the highest quality service in the Chatham area. If you have an aged roof, consider replacing it with a metal one. Installing a metal roof will put more money in your pocket by saving you money on future repairs. You can be confident that our services will add beauty and value to your home.


Free Metal Roofing Estimate


This will be the last roof you will ever buy. Give us a call today for a free estimate on all our metal roof services! We look forward to making your home beautiful.


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