Roof Replacement in Chatham (Asphalt to Metal!)

Roof Replacement in Chatham

Roof Replacement in Chatham (Asphalt to Metal!)


Looking for a roof replacement in Chatham Ontario over the next few years? When home owners request roof replacement in Chatham Kent, they frequently decide to replace asphalt shingle roofs with stylish new metal roofing. There are several important considerations on why they make this change. Today, a growing number of Ontario homeowners have discovered the advantages offered by a permanent metal roof over traditional shingles!


About Chatham Kent


This scenic region of Ontario includes charming vintage buildings. During much of the 1900s, property owners in this region relied extensively upon asphalt, wood, or slate roofing. Yet today, technological advances now permit a roofing company to install innovative metal roofing products. Customers may install selections that appear indistinguishable from other, older roofing styles. Chatham Kent and surrounding area attractions benefit from the aesthetic qualities of these modern home improvements.



Reasons to Request Metal Roofing Services


In fact, metal roofs offer a number of key advantages. These qualities frequently lead residents of the Chatham Kent district to replace asphalt roofing with newer metal product lines, such as Atas or Ideal Roofing metal shingles. Some important reasons to choose these replacement products include:


1. Appearance

Eye catching metal roofing products occur in well over 40 different permanent colors. Property owners enjoy a great opportunity to select stylish roofing shingles in a shade complementing residential trim, for example. These metal products won’t warp out of shape, crack, or fade over the course of decades. Every time you look at your home’s metal roof, you’ll notice the same neat shingle dimensions and vibrant colors!


2. Product Durability

A very strong reason to select this type of roofing product concerns its impressive longevity. With proper care, metal roofs typically endure far longer than most brands of asphalt shingle roofing. Typically, property owners don’t need to perform extensive maintenance to keep these roofs in good condition. Simply check them over at regular intervals and repair damage promptly. The durability of metal roofing products makes them a very smart choice for thrifty homeowners today.


3. Recyclability

Metal roofs also pose an environmentally responsible choice. If a property owner ever decides to replace this type of roof, recycling represents an attractive option. Send steel or aluminum roofing shingles to a metal recycling center instead of a landfill. This outcome appeals to customers who value sustainability.


4. Light Weight

Yet another benefit of metal roofs relates to their weight. Metal roofing tiles offer lightweight strength. Generally, manufacturers form asphalt shingles using asphalt, fiberglass (or cellulose) and small mineral inclusions. By contrast, metal roofing tiles consist of a high percentage of metals e.g. steel or aluminum. These product lines require less effort to transport to a rooftop. They frequently represent the safest choice for use in vintage homes.


5. Fire Resistance

Metal roof manufacturers can supply customers with detailed information concerning the fire resistant properties of their brands. Burning embers landing on a rooftop during a forest fire concern most homeowners. The flame resistant properties of metal roofing lines contribute to their suitability for use in rural Canada.


For all these reasons, metal roofing products offer significant benefits! This type of roof appeals widely to residents of the Chatham Kent area!


Take Action Today


Ontario homeowners seeking roof replacement in Chatham Kent benefit from the expertise of Country Towne Metal Roofing. The availability of skilled local metal roofing installers brings greater peace of mind to property owners. Advances in metal manufacturing now permit some remarkably beautiful roofing solutions.


Imagine how attractive your home will appear displaying a fashionable, long-lasting new metal roof? Select the colors and styles you prefer. Customize this feature to fit your unique design goals for your residence. Home exterior renovation specialists will help you evaluate and compare products manufactured by leading residential roofing companies like ATAS International and Ideal Roofing.


As a roofing contractor, Country Towne Metal Roofing supplies the experience required to replace asphalt tile or wood shingle roofing with superb metal products. Contact us online at to request additional information, or to schedule an appointment.


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You may also reach us by calling 888-674-6570. We look forward to helping you achieve the lovely exterior renovation you desire for your Chatham Kent residence!

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