Steel Roofing Contractors for Chatham-Kent Ontario

Steel Roofing Contractors

Steel Roofing Contractors for Chatham-Kent Ontario

You might want to consider steel roofing contractors and get off of the asphalt re-roofing cycle. The traditional approach to maintaining a roof at a commercial or residential property is to install traditional asphalt shingle roofing materials. The lifespan of asphalt shingles is between 11 and 15 years, depending on where you live in Canada.

You should consider more permanent options like metal roofing, which carries long warranties and requires little maintenance. The benefits of working with a steel roofing installer in Ontario are many and can make it easy for you to feel comfortable in the safety of your home or business.


Lets review some of the benefits of using steal roofing contractors:



1. A Long Lifespan


Metal roofing suppliers do charge more for their materials than the cost of asphalt shingles, but you will not face the issue of replacing your roof every 15 years. The improvements made by using steel roof contractors are easy to see because of the change in manufacturing processes and installation over the last few decades. The major enemy of a metal roof is rust, which has been addressed by the inclusion of zinc and aluminum in the manufacturing process. As with the benefit of advanced UV Coatings which can prevent rust.


The development of the products from steel roof manufactures has led to most offering warranties of between 30 and 50 years. In some cases, the manufacturer of a steel roof will offer a lifetime warranty, with paint issues addressed when they occur.



2. The Elements are not a Problem


There can be problems for a traditional roofing system when extremes of weather are seen. The issues of snow and ice can damage asphalt shingles, but these issues are not seen with a metal roof. The weather has little effect on a metal roof, with the snow that hits Ontario not causing damage, in most cases.



3. Help the Environment


Steel roof suppliers have an advantage over those who supply asphalt shingles. In the 21st-century, asphalt shingles are a problem for the managers of landfills. An estimated 11 million tons of asphalt shingles are placed into landfills each year in the U.S. The dumping of millions of tons of asphalt shingles each year in North America differs from the level of recycling seen with roof steel. The majority of the steel roofing materials sold in Canada are recycled, meaning this is ecologically-friendly.


When an intsaller of steel roofing strips an asphalt shingle roof, they can be charged for recycling the removed materials. The cost of recycling an asphalt shingle roof will make many contractors unwilling to do so, which adds to the environmental problems caused by asphalt. Steel is one of the most easily recycled and popular materials recycled in North America. The life of a metal roof can be a lifetime, with recycling extending the life of steel far beyond its first use as a roof.



4. Save Money on Your Home Energy Bills


The first reason you have for choosing to look for roof steel for sale is the attractiveness of the finished product. After doing some research, you will discover the many benefits of a steel roof includes its energy-efficiency. Some researchers have proven the installation of a metal roof can provide savings of up to 40 percent on your utility bills over a year.


Utility bills are climbing consistently, with the ability to save money on your monthly payments. By choosing to install a metal roof, you will have the chance to save money on every bill you receive.



5. Perfect for Every Season


Installing a new metal roof is a good option for you, whether you are facing an Ontario winter or a hot summer. The use of a metal roof keeps your property cool in the summer and warm in the winter. During the summer months, asphalt shingles can absorb heat and keep your home warm, with cooler air moving out of your property. In the winter, cold air does not pass through your metal roof and cool your home. This is made possible by the barrier formed between your metal roof and the insulated attic space beneath.



6. A Very Durable Option


Looking for a new roof means researching which system is the right one for you. Choosing a metal roof over the other types available to you because of the durability of steel. Ontario may not have the hurricanes and tornadoes, which a metal roof can survive, but storms are a problem. The ability of steel to survive storms and the debris that may fall during a weather event is a reason for their popularity. By talking to steel roof suppliers, you can choose the right gauge steel to meet your needs in Ontario.


Free Metal Roofing Estimate


There are many benefits available to you when you choose a steel roof in Ontario. Your metal roof will last for decades longer than the average life of asphalt shingles. The new styles of metal roof panels that have been produced in the last few years give you new options to choose from to meet your design needs. So contact the trusted steel roofing contractors in Chatham-Kent today and Get your Free Metal Roofing Estimate.

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