Metal Roofing Prices in Ontario

What are Metal Roofing Prices Vs Traditional Shingles?

I am sure that everyone would love to come to a website and see a straight list for Metal Roofing Prices in Ontario. However, there are a few variables that come into play when we go out to quote a new Metal Roofing System from Country Towne Roofing. I will cover all these variables below but for now, I can tell you that in most cases metal roofing compared to traditional shingles is a little more than double in cost. Having said that we are talking about a Permanent Lifetime Roof, that has every benefit over traditional shingles. To us, temporary just doesn’t make sense and anyone who chooses metal roofing saves money in the long run.


What Factors Determine Metal Roofing Prices in Ontario ?

1. The size of the roof.
The major factor here is size, square footage is a major factor in cost due to material and labour costs.

2. The slope of the roof.
12:12 pitch roof will require fall protection, loading the roof requires more effort and care. A 3:12 roof doesn’t require fall protection, loading the roof is a breeze and materials stay where you put them.

3. How many angles does the roof have?
Depending on how cut up the roof top is will determine extra time to important details, A simple Gable roof is quicker while a roofs with dormers and a couple of chimneys will definitely add some time with all the extra flashing and drip edge. Valleys and other areas need special attention as to ensure a leak free roof top.

4. What kind of prep work is required?
A metal roof can be installed over existing shingles, but if you go with a shingle install it will require a tear-off and extra trip to the dump while a metal roof won’t. If there is any other repairs to be done to the roof deck or the customer insists on a tear off, this adds not only labour and material costs, but an environmental fee for bringing shingles to the dump.

5. There are various types a metal roofing.
Country Towne Roofing carries a variety of metal roofing products including standing seam and rib steel which comes in large panels which is a cost effective solution compared to some of our other premium metal shingle roofing products.

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