Residential Metal Roofing

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Country Towne Metal Roofing is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with ATAS International, a leading manufacturer of residential metal roofing. Twenty profiles are available in aluminium, steel, zinc and copper.


standingStanding Seam

Country Towne offers four different metal standing seam roofing products, a snap-on system, a mechanically field seamed system, a system with integral lock and seam, and a positive-locking, one-piece metal roof standing seam system.



Five metal shingle roof products are available; Bermuda-style shake facsimile, wood style shake facsimile, a simulated dimensional shingle, a diamond shaped shingle and a standing seam shingle all with the benefits of metal roofing.



Three metal tile roof products are available; a stone coated metal tile, a scalloped Northern European-style tile and an ‘S’ or Spanish tile.


fastenedpanelThrough Fastened Panel

Many through fastened metal roof panel products are available; including various ribbed styles, “batten” and “standing seam” styles, and a plank and barn board style.


curvedseriesCurved Series

Four curved metal roofing profiles are available, including two mechanically seamed panel types, a corrugated panel and a ribbed panel with concealed fasteners.



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Country Towne Builders did an incredible job with our roof! We are very please with it. They were very thorough and very professional. Theyw ere working at one point in the rain and they still completed everything. They got everything done in two days. Very, very well done. I have already recommended them to other people and anyone I know who is wanting a roof. The work that they did was amazing. We have the nicest roof in our whole park. They have done a great job.


Richard D.

Country Towne Builders installed new guttering and soffits. All of my expectations were met. Mr Martin was very courteous and agreed to do work for me above what was contracted with no complaint. They were prompt and thorough and did a great job cleaning up. I would rate them 5 stars and would recommend them without hesitation.


Marianne S.

They were very efficient. Their workmanship was second to none. They started at 8:00 am and did not quit until 5:00 pm, which is very unusual. A guy across the road was having his roof done and they started at 9:30 am and quit at 3:30 pm with breaks and dinner. They explained everything before I started and when I went out they showed me what they were doing like locking the pieces in place and putting on the vents. They were very informative while they were doing it. I own a business and they are one of the best I have ever dealt with. The prices were competitive. I have had all kinds of compliments from my neighbors. They did a great job!


Wayne S.