Architectural Metal Siding Southwestern Ontario

Architectural Metal Siding Southwestern Ontario

Architectural Metal Siding Southwestern Ontario

Architectural metal siding is very cost-effective and energy-efficient building material for protecting your commercial building against the weather extremes of Southwestern Ontario. While metal cladding is typically associated with commercial projects, rather than residential properties, many homeowners are turning to this innovative form of architectural design to modernize their homes and make them more energy efficient.

But why use architectural metal siding on your Home? Read on to find out!

Design Possibilities

Metal siding is an incredibly versatile material that can be painted and shaped to fit a wide range of aesthetics. Whatever your desired design, whether it be contemporary or more industrial, metal cladding can provide a cost-efficient, eco-friendly solution.

Metal Building supply companies, like Country Towne have countless styles of metal siding or wall panels that can be made in a range of colours tailored to your specific needs. For those interested in a weathered aesthetic, some forms of architectural metal siding are designed to rust on their exterior whilst maintaining their interior integrity. On the other hand, a corrosion-resistant coating can also be applied to metal siding for those eager to ensure it retains its sleek, modern appearance.

For homeowners interested in a more traditional design, metal siding can also be embossed to mimic the appearance of wood. This allows homeowners to receive all the benefits that come with metal siding while retaining the beauty of wood cladding.

There is no need to dismiss the advantages of metal siding because you believe it will not match the appearance of your home. The versatility of metal siding panels means it can be tailored to suit any property.


Southwestern Ontario experiences the extremes of weather, reaching blistering highs of 30°C in summer and lows of -30°C in winter. In addition to this, the area is subject to heavy snowfall, hail, and high-speed winds. Therefore, for peace of mind, homeowners in Ontario want to know that their property is protected and can withstand all temperatures and weather conditions.

Metal siding is the solution to this problem. The product design of metal cladding is centred around durability and stability. Unlike wooden or plastic siding, metal siding will not crack, rot, or be susceptible to damage from insects and pests. The durability of metal siding options guarantees that your home can withstand the Canadian winter without needing repairs in the spring.

Once you have installed metal siding, you will no longer have to worry about maintenance or costly replacements. High-end metals that have been properly installed by specialist contractors can last over forty years, while other siding options can only be given a fifteen to twenty-year warranty.

Cladding installation is a relatively simple process, however, while the ease of installation may tempt some homeowners to install their own metal siding, you will not get the same quality control or warranty if you do it independently. To guarantee an efficient installation that will last throughout the years, it is always better to contact metal siding experts.

Energy Efficiency

Metal cladding has an outstanding performance rating as an energy-efficient building material. It can both decrease the costs of heating and cooling your home, thereby reducing the price of your monthly energy bills.

Unlike other building materials which absorb the heat of the sun, metal siding, such as aluminum panels, will reflect the heat away from your home. This means you will have to rely on your air conditioning system less in the summer months, both reducing your utility bills and your home’s impact on the environment.

Furthermore, while basic sheet steel cladding will keep your home cool, investing in insulated wall siding will give you the cooling benefit in addition to providing an excellent form of insulation during the winter. Insulated metal cladding is comprised of three layers: the exterior metal sheet, insulation filler, and an internal liner. This is one of the most cost-effective and energy-efficient ways to insulate your home.

Environmentally Friendly

Metal, especially steel, is one of the most environmentally construction materials currently available. It can be recycled, with most metal products already containing a percentage of recycled materials. This means that, even after forty years of use as metal siding for your home, it could still be repurposed and reshaped for future use.

This is a direct contrast to other siding materials. Vinyl siding and fibre cement siding may come at a reduced cost, however, their susceptibility to weather damage means they are far more likely to require repairs and, eventually, replacement, after which they will be put in a landfill.

Final Thoughts

The applications of metal cladding are endless, from commercial projects to residential properties. Regardless of the project size, metal siding is the most cost-effective answer because of its durability and energy efficiency. It will keep your home protected throughout the seasons and save you considerable money on your utility bills.

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If you are interested in learning more about the benefits installing metal cladding could have for you and your home, contact our experts at Country Towne Building Supply to find out more. Whether you want custom panels or specialist advice about installation, we can help!

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