How Long Do Metal Roofs Last?

how long does a metal roof last

How Long Do Metal Roofs Last?

How long do metal roofs last? We will get to that point in just a second. First, a little background, metal roofs are continuously becoming more popular because of their low maintenance, lasting colour, and durability. If you factor in their life expectancy, metal roofs are an affordable option with exceptional ROI (return on investment) value.

The lifespan of an average metal roof is two to three times the lifespan of an average asphalt roofing shingle.

A metal roof has a lifespan of about 50+ years while an asphalt roofing shingle has a lifespan of about 20 years.

In addition to their longevity, metal tiles are a great option because they are resistant to destructive elements such as rot, fire and insects. Metal roof panels will also keep unwanted moisture out of your house, quickly shed off snow, and shield the roof from radiant heat from the sun. This ultimately saves you air conditioning and energy costs.

However, if you currently have steel roofing, or you are looking to replace your asphalt roof with metal roofing, there are several essential things you need to keep in mind to make the metal roof make sense for the investment.

When to invest in a Metal Roof

  • If you plan on staying in your home for a long time, or you think this is your last home.
  • If you live in an area of weather extremes, very hot in the summer and harsh winters.
  • Areas that may be prone to forest fires as a metal roof have the best fire rating than any other roofing material.
  • Are your A/C expenses costing you a fortune? A metal roof can lower your expenses and make your home more energy efficient.
  • Paid top dollar for so-called, Premium Asphalt Shingle only to watch them fail in just over a decade.
  • You are tired of the Re-Roofing roller coster and want a permanent roofing solution for your home.

While residential metal roofing has an incredible lifespan, considering all the above points will help you to make an educated decision about your roof. Metal roofs are the best option for homeowners who are looking for a durable and reliable roofing type long-term.

We offer you residential metal roofing that is environmentally durable. It can be able to withstand extremely high winds and other severe weathers that frequently tear off other asphalt roofing. Due to its fire resistance nature, even when lightning strikes directly, it won’t cause a house fire because the electrical charges will be spread all over the roof. Our metal roof panels are also resistant to impact. Even the worst hailstorms do not necessarily lead to a new roof, which is of course, the opposite in the case of an asphalt roof.

Residential Metal Roofing Systems & Installation

In addition to lasting durability, our metal roofs come as a complete installed system. It is far more than just a sheet of metal. It is composed of ventilation clips, framing members, 4-way fasteners, and other essential components that all increase the strength of the metal roof. The roof clip holds the roof securely to the roof deck, but it also leaves enough room for expansion and contraction due to temperature changes. Its durability is also because of the underlayment and the heavy-duty fasteners which give you a roof for life.

Our factory’s embossing ensures that the panels are correctly aligned and fortified with the strength of steel. The heavy-duty fasteners are concealed inside the shingle, to eliminate any potential leak spots. The metal roofs are also properly ventilated to keep moisture, pests and dust away to protect them from damage caused by such elements. Hence, the ventilation also significantly adds to its longevity.

If you are a homeowner, you should incorporate the use of metal roofing into your home. It will save you the many repair costs, and also protect your home more efficiently, than other roofing materials. We have also outlined the general pros of a metal roof, other than longevity that also makes it superior to other roofing materials.

Metal Roof Benefits:

They are environmentally friendly.

Metal shingles are considered suitable for the environment for several reasons. For starters, they contain at least 25% recycled materials, and they are also 100% recyclable. They also provide an ideal platform for a homeowner who wants to embark on an eco-friendly initiative such as collecting rainwater. Moreover, because they are lightweight, they can be laid on top of asphalt shingles, preventing the ripping off and disposal of the shingles.

They are energy-efficient

A metal roof will reflect the solar radiant heat instead of absorbing it, therefore coming in handy, especially during summer by reducing the cooling costs. Additionally, some metal roofing systems come with an individual reflexive pigment which minimizes heat gain.

They are generally stylish

It is much easier to design steel roofing than other types of roofing materials. Moreover, when compared to asphalt shingles which only offer 20 colour choices, modern metal roofing systems come in more than 100 colours.

Low maintenance cost

Metal roofs for houses only need cleaning and surface-level maintenance at least once every 18 months. Also, cleaning the metal roof is straightforward than roofing shingles which have a more tendency to collect debris.

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Metal roofing is by far the best type of roofing today. Any homeowner should strive to have them in their homes because of their longevity. We are the best metal roofing contractors, and we offer you metal roofs of superb quality.


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