Metal Roofing Morpeth Ontario

Metal Roofing Morpeth Ontario

Metal Roofing Morpeth Ontario

Metal Roofing Morpeth Ontario

Your roof is an important aspect of building construction. It is the physical barrier in any building between the uncontrollable environment outside and the indoors. Which includes the ability to resist both the elements and the weather. Metal Roofing Morpeth Ontario is a great way to ensure the durability of your home and even commercial structures.

With the advantage of modern cool roof technology, your roof can reflect the heat if lighter in colour, and keep your home cooler. You can also count on maximizing energy savings with a metal roof.

This includes making the most out of sustainable roofing materials as well, metal roofing is recyclable. It is also made up of 20-30% recycled materials like steel or aluminum.

Most builders now trust metal roofing over others due to the clear benefits it has over the competition.



Why a Metal Roof Versus Other Standard Roofing Materials?

With the way modern technology continues to push the industry toward green alternatives, it only makes sense to look at the advantages metal has over classic asphalt. Just because something has always been done one way does not mean there is not a better way to build, today.

Home owners that have used Metal Roofing in Morpeth Ontario currently enjoy this cutting-edge roofing advancements providing them a world of benefits over typical home shingles.



There are Many Advantages to Choosing a Metal Roof

Our metal roof installation does not take nearly as much time as it takes to install an asphalt roof. Often times we can install metal on top of your existing roofing. This saves you time and money with no need to do a roofing tear off.

Your second savings come when our metal roofing crew, needing fewer installers to complete the job, can finish the job in days as opposed to a week. Metal Roofing Morpeth Ontario residents have reduced their monthly heating and cooling costs while increasing both curb appeal and property value. We think everyone should be informed about our metal roofing systems.


To give you a snapshot of the many benefits of choosing metal shake shingles over traditional asphalt, consider the following:


Metal Shingle Interlock



Metal shingles last longer

Metal shingles last longer – even insurance companies have crunched the numbers and are comfortable reporting that steel roofs, on average, last between 40 and 70 years whereas asphalt only lasts between 10 and 30 years. Also, the interlocking system shown above allows the metal to withstand extreme weather conditions, even in Canada.


Annual roof repair and maintenance are reduced

Annual roof repair and maintenance are reduced. Since metal shake shingles or steel corrugated panels won’t deteriorate in extreme weather conditions, they are more resistant to rain or hail damage. These new advanced metal roofs are also impervious to algae or termites which can be a problem with wood roof cedar shingles.


Metal shake shingles retain their integrity

Our metal roofing shingles retain their integrity over time, unlike traditional roofing materials. Metal shingles have a long roof life and will not fade or loose shape over time. Metal roof products do not deteriorate the same way asphalt or cedar tiles can. So there is far less impact from the winds, the blistering sun or pounding rain. Using this stronger material means there is not the typical cracking, bending, warping or loss of original color.


Your metal roof company offers decorating flexibility

Country Towne Metal Roofing offers many styles and colour options for your home. Aesthetic concerns tend to be the main motivation for replacing aging asphalt or cedar shingle roofs. We are the metal roofing contractor of choice in Chatham-Kent who has partnered with ATAS International making it possible to choose from a variety of metal panels or shingles.


Advanta Steel Shingle Brochure


Their ATAS Advanta shingles highly resemble and are often mistaken for conventional roofing materials from a ground-level view. Only upon close inspection is it revealed that metal is the primary constituent in what are extremely eye-catching designs.


Metal Shingle Roof



Metal roof installation saves you money

Metal roof installation saves you money as they are quick and don’t require a tear off. The strength and durability of a metal roof assure better protection from the elements and results in lower maintenance on windows and doors, which, in turn, may lower your home insurance rates.


Equate Value and Savings with Premashake ATAS Products

Country Towne Metal Roofing guarantees their work and most products come with a 50-year Warranty. Pricing out their products compared to other materials on the market is why they have become highly attractive to building contractors. To get a real glimpse of what can be achieved with metal or steel roofs, check out this interactive tool and upload an image of your own property to play around with.


Country Towne Metal Roofing Company can supply metal to your specifications for any architectural building materials you need or for your next building project including:


  • Restaurants
  • Store Fronts
  • Shopping Malls
  • Professional Office Space
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Hospital and Municipal Building
  • Warehouses and Shipping Locations



Also, it is worth noting that steel or metal roofs provide that extra layer of protection as they are fire resistant. To learn more about this feature and all the other benefits of contracting with a metal roofing company for your next roofing project, contact Country Towne today for a free quote or to explore their impressive inventory of superior roofing products.




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