Standing Seam

SSQ 200

A tough, reliable, and permanent solution for agricultural, commercial, and residential roofing applications. A mechanically locked seam crimps panels tight along the whole seam length to provide a long-lasting watertight seal. (Requires special tool) With a 2” tall ridge this panel can maximize local load spanning regulations. Hidden fastening clips prevent punctures through the roof […]


SS 550

Our premium, most elaborate, and diverse metal panel system. This panel is as protective as it is stylish. Applications are as creative as the imagination including: Roofing, Siding, Soffit, Interior Wall Panels, Accent walls, and more. This Snap Lock system is fastened using hidden clips screwed into a solid plywood substrate or strapping. No unsightly […]


FF 100

A Snap-Lock panel with no hidden clips or special tools is required. Our easiest installing standing seam roofing system yet. Compatible with most trimming systems. A unique panel profile ensures a leak-free and solid lock as well as providing that modern curb appeal you can be proud of. Makes eye-catching siding and interior wall panels. […]


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