Modern Metal Siding: Transform Your Home Exterior Today!

Modern Metal Siding

Modern Metal Siding: Transform Your Home Exterior Today!

Are you planning to strengthen your home’s exteriors – and give your property a brand new look? Metal siding might be the answer you’re looking for. For modern houses in Canada, metal can become a popular choice. Modern metal siding options offer an all-round solution. Besides, they boost the property’s curb appeal.

Metal exterior sidings protect Canadian homes from harsh weather conditions and wildfires. This material insulates the house and maintains a stable indoor temperature without high energy bills. At the same time, modern metal sidings come in different colours and finishes to suit your aesthetics.

Thus, metal siding provide structural strength. They also allow you to achieve any style and look. You don’t have to worry about keeping up with Canada’s contemporary-meets-conventional architecture! Read on to know more about different types of siding options made of metal.

What is Modern Metal Siding?

In recent years, Canadian homeowners have been shifting to metal for their home exteriors. But what exactly is modern metal siding? It is used as an alternative to traditional sidings like natural wood, vinyl, stucco, or fibre cement siding in contemporary homes.

Steel and aluminum are commonly used as exterior siding materials. These are known for their strength, durability, and energy efficiency. Interestingly, metal panels are often used with other materials to create a unique look. Thus, metal siding is a versatile exterior material for your exterior remodel venture.

Why Metal Sidings are the Best for Canada Homes

Canada experiences a wide range of weather conditions. These include extreme cold and heat – with snowfall, high winds, hailstorms, and heavy rainfall. Places like British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec are prone to wildfires, too.

To protect your home against these natural elements, you need tough exteriors. And metal is considered the best material to combat these.

Metal is weather-proof and fire-resistant. And it can insulate your home to keep out extreme heat and cold. That also means your energy bills for heating and cooling will be reduced.

Metal can last for 40-70 years, which means once you get this siding, you will not have to worry about replacing it in your lifetime. It also requires way less maintenance compared to other materials like wood or vinyl. Annual cleaning, checking, and maintenance should be sufficient.

You don’t have to deal with peeling, chipping, cracking, and other such problems when it comes to metal. Thus, this material can provide structural integrity and complete protection to your property.

Contemporary Siding Panels

However, can modern metal siding really transform any home’s appearance?

Many homeowners shy away from metal, worrying about the exteriors. But if you’re worried about its aesthetic appeal, there’s good on that front, too!

Modern metal siding options are available in different shades and textures. So, they are perfect for all exterior designs and architectural styles – from traditional to modern, from sleek and chic to fun and eccentric. You can tailor this type of siding easily, enhancing your property’s curb appeal and resale value.

Metal Siding – Material Options

There are different types of sidings in terms of material. These include the following –

  • Aluminum siding
  • Aluminum composite material (ACM) siding
  • Steel panel
  • Galvanized steel panel
  • Corten/weathered steel siding
  • Corrugated metal siding
  • Copper cladding
  • Zinc cladding
  • Vinyl siding
  • Tin panel

Steel and aluminum are the two most popular metal siding material options. That’s because they are lighter compared to other metals, which is better for the building structure. This also lowers the upfront installation cost as it’s easy to install.

Metal Siding Styles and Design Ideas

Metal siding is hugely popular even among people focused on the stylish appearance of their homes. That’s because metal panels are versatile. They come in a wide range of colours and textures and can be combined with other materials. Here are some metal siding styles and design ideas –

  1. Standing seam paneling – This traditional metal siding is a favorite among modern designers. Metal panels are used to cover the facade. It looks sleek and offers weather-proofing weather-proofing to the property.
  2. Horizontal cladding – Horizontal metal panels can create a dramatic effect on the property’s facade. The horizontal placement of the panels creates a unique look that can grab more attention.
  3. Board and batten style siding – This is a practical design idea inspired by the rustic barn style. It adds protection to your home and allows a wide range of designs – vertical, horizontal, angular, etc.
  4. Accent siding areas – Metal panels are available in so many colours and finishes that you can apply them to accent areas on your home exteriors. It can be a wall or a specific portion.
  5. Mixed material cladding – Architects love exterior designs that combine metal with panels made of materials like wood or vinyl. Such exterior home designs can be anything from rustic to chic.

There are plenty of other design options to choose from when it comes to your exterior home remodel project.

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Siding panels made of metal are versatile and stylish. They can complement any architectural style, making them every designer’s favourite material. Metal siding can make your home renovation dreams come true!

That’s not all, though! It can strengthen and protect your home for several decades. It’s also cost-efficient in the long run because of its durability, low maintenance, and thermal efficiency.

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