Modern Home Exteriors in Chatham

Modern Home Exteriors Chatham

Modern Home Exteriors in Chatham

Chatam-Kent is growing into a bigger municipality of trendy homes very quickly. Most new home owner’s are looking for a mix of classic and contemporary styles in building materials. An essential aspect is getting that look is… modern home exteriors in Chatham. It’s important to consider aesthetics, longevity and strength in your home’s exterior.

One of the most popular choices for exterior home materials in Chatham-Kent is metal. That’s because it’s excellent at combating the common weather conditions in this location. Plus, this material has come a long way to give homeowners a wide range of colour, texture, and design choices.

If you’re looking for inspiration for a modern home exterior, let your imagination run wild! You can experiment because our metal exteriors are very versatile that way. Keep reading to find some exciting ideas and jazz up your property!

Modern Home Exteriors Chatham Kent

Clean lines, contrasting textures, monochromatic colours, gabled roofs – numerous features can be part of your modern home exteriors. The opportunities are endless. But here are some unique examples of your home’s exterior finish.

Mixing Metal with Natural Materials

One of the top favourites is a mix of natural and eco-friendly materials. Doing so can amp up the appearance of your property and let you choose a sustainable path to exterior decorations.

You can pair metal with materials like wood, stone, and brick. For a stylish yet thoughtful design approach, you can also go for glass, stucco, and fibre cement, both made of natural materials.

Combining metal with one or more of these materials gives you a contrast of textures for a dramatic effect. For instance, a bronze finish with tempered glass can lend your house a chic look.

There’s plenty of room for experimentation when you bring together such materials. From earthy and rustic to urban and chic, there are many options that can boost your home’s curb appeal.

Modern Home with Mixed Building Materials

Additionally, these are environmentally friendly and recyclable. The good news is metal sidings, and roofing panels can now mimic the look and texture of such natural materials.

You can incorporate different materials for borders, accents, gables, or roofs. This look will stands out in the neighborhood and won’t disrupt the environment of the beautiful Chatham-Kent.

Bold and Unique Colors

There are several choices when it comes to picking the right home exterior colour. While earthy shades are classic options, vibrant colours can be trendy and make your property look prominent.

From a monochromatic colour scheme to a contrasting effect, the options for a mind-blowing look are many. A good starting point would be your house design and location and choosing colours to enhance it.

For instance, neutral colours like beige can go well with a high-tech design with prominent lines or a facade with extensive glass usage. Brighter colours are ideal for a home design with a countryside look.

You can achieve a cohesive monochromatic look with different shades of the same colour. Choose a base colour for the walls, and pick darker or lighter shades for your doors, windows, trims, or roof.

If you are open to a more experimental look, a gradient effect might be a bold but fun choice. This will involve using panels of different colours on the roof and walls or as an accent.

Don’t forget dynamic contrasts, which also open the way to pick bold choices like black and white or blue and orange. Wild and unique shades like red, purple, orange, and black can also look great on their own.

Board and Batten

With board and batten, you can bring the rustic touch of sheds and barns to your modern home. You can create a trending-meets-traditional look with a light-and-shade effect and clean lines.

The board and batten design can be the ideal option for a modern farmhouse. It can add a distinctive style to a contemporary architectural style on a distinctive wall or a portion of the exterior.

This is one design idea where you can incorporate contrasting colours or a monochromatic look. Try black boards with white battens, grainy wooden battens on boards with a brick finish, etc.

Board and batten is also a design to play with colours. How about pairing ivory battens with black boards for some spectacle – or installing ivory battens on beige boards for a more tame look?

Depending on the texture you want, you can also play around with other aspects of this design, like the width of the battens and boards. You can also experiment with horizontal or vertical placements.

Board and Batten Modern Home

Board and batten doesn’t just enhance the aesthetics of the property. It also strengthens the building against the forces of nature, be it storm or rain – especially when you choose metal panels.

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