How Often Should You Have Your Roof Inspected? Why You Need One!

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How Often Should You Have Your Roof Inspected? Why You Need One!

Your property’s roof may not be on top of your mind – but it’s definitely on top of your head, protecting you and your family members. It quietly battles the wide range of natural elements persistent in Ontario Canada. Thus, your roof undergoes gradual deterioration. Even the toughest roofs, i.e., metal roofs, and especially asphalt need a little care.

Regular roof inspections are essential for home improvements. It can ensure your property’s main point of protection doesn’t run into an emergency. You must be particularly careful before and after any harsh winter season to ensure it’s in tip-top shape. And you should get schedule roof checkups at least twice a year, if its an older roof.

You may be settled in Saskatchewan or own a country home in Chatham-Kent Ontario. Either way, regular roof inspections can help you take precautions against serious damage. You can avoid a pile of trouble that might be waiting for you down the snowy, rainy road.

So let’s find out more about roof inspections in the Chatham-Kent Area.

Importance of Roof Inspection: Why You Should Do It Regularly

Irrespective of the roofing material used in your property, you should get it inspected to catch any early signs of roof damage. That way, you can schedule a roof repair in Chatham before things become fatal.

As your property’s roof gets exposed to various weather conditions over the years, it becomes more prone to damage. Wooden roofs or asphalt shingles undergo repeated expansion and contraction throughout the years. So they may develop cracks in the roof shingles. These can lead to leaks and overall less protection for your home.

That’s not all. Water seeping through roof cracks can also damage the underlayment, roof deck, or attic. There are other problems that lead to leakage, as well, like improper roof flashings or trim in the roofing system.

Even roofs made of metal should be checked to see if the paint coating is intact and whether any corrosion has developed. You should also check if your gutters are working correctly at all times.

But Why Do You Need a Professional to Perform a Roof Inspection – Instead of Doing It Yourself?

Professional roof inspections can reveal the problem and the cause – something you cannot do on your own. Another issue roofing professionals can detect is mould growth, which is common in wood or asphalt roofs.

Inspections include more than just checking the roof superficially for signs of water damage and leaks. They may also involve assessing interior walls and ceilings. That’s because water infiltration can stain the ceiling behind the tiles, which you may not notice.

Your roof may have a minor problem that has the potential to cause serious damage. And only regular roofing inspections and maintenance help maximize the time between big repairs. They also delay aging and prevent a costly roof replacement.

So How Often Should You Get Professional Roof Inspections – and What’s the Perfect Time of the Year?

The best way to keep your roof in top-notch condition is by getting it inspected twice a year and following the required maintenance steps. No matter where you live in Canada, it is recommended that you schedule one roof inspection during fall and another as soon as the spring season sets in.

The inspection session in the fall will help you prepare for the upcoming winter. If there is any damage or deterioration that needs to be addressed, roofing contractors can help you with that.

As for the spring inspection, it will help you identify if the winter months have caused any damage to your home’s protector. That way, you can address the problem immediately before it becomes unmanageable.

These two inspections are a must and should not be avoided at all. However, getting a few additional checks done after any major weather event or destructive natural disaster is a good idea. A large storm with heavy wind might upturn layers of shingles, while heavy rains or hail storms can cause leakage or dents.

Also, if you have had recent construction or renovation work on or around the roof or suspect any damage, it’s a good idea to get the roof checked. Don’t wait for your annual roof inspection schedule to get these checked. Instead, reach out to professional roof inspectors any time of the year.

Your yearly roof inspection schedule may also need to have more than two sessions depending on the following –

  1. Condition and age of your roof and property,
  2. Materials used in the construction of the building and roof,
  3. Bad weather in the locality and frequent climatic disasters,
  4. Nearby trees throwing snapped branches during storms, etc.

What to Do After a Roof Inspection

A comprehensive roof inspection should reveal any hidden damage or problems that might be cropping up. These may become something big soon. So this is when you need to consult a professional to fix the issue.

Remember that getting your roof is not enough if you don’t choose the necessary steps to maintain your roof. If the condition is extremely poor, you may need a roof replacement. For that, you can consult a reputable roofing contractor like Country Towne Metal Roofing.

Replacing your roof can breathe life into your property, especially if you choose metal. However, even though metal roofs need much less maintenance, it is recommended that you get a roof inspection twice a year.

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If your roof is beyond regular repairs and maintenance, it’s time to replace it. To get a roof that will last you a lifetime without getting damaged, get in touch with Country Towne.

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