Complete Guide to Batten Board Style Siding for Your Home

Batten Board Style Siding for your Home

Complete Guide to Batten Board Style Siding for Your Home

Do you want to renovate your home with a rustic yet elegant touch to match the outdoors? Welcome to the charming world of batten board style siding. This style has been around for ages, and the popularity of the combination of lines and shadows has only grown in popularity for country living and cottages.

The batten board siding style creates a textured look, thanks to the use of raised steel panels against the walls. And the style has been reinvented over the years, making it perfect for properties. Thus, it’s old-school yet contemporary! It’s also effective in protecting your property.

Today, you are going to find out all about the board & batten style and how to use this for your home to give it a “Southern Ontario” flair.

What Exactly is Batten Board Style?

The board and batten style is one of the most popular siding choices originating in Sweden, and North America took to it in the 19th century. This style involves the use of wood sidings placed vertically on wall panels. Can you imagine the result? They create strong lines – with a light-and-shade texture.

These “barn sidings” were mostly used for sheds and barns to keep harsh weather at bay. Back then, wide boards were joined by thin vertical planks or “batten” strips at the seams, keeping everything snugly in place. Farmers loved it for its ease of installation. It was also cost-effective and energy efficient.

But that’s a once-upon-a-time description of this type of siding. Board and batten is now a stunning rustic-meets-chic style for decorating home exteriors. The wide vertical sidings form the base or canvas, with the batten strips adding a decorative character on the top.

Thus, the batten board style siding gives you a chance to be creative. You can now incorporate different board and batten siding materials, including metal! And these are available in a wide variety of colours. Whether you want a modern farmhouse style or just add an accent wall with this style is up to you.

How to Use Board & Batten in Modern Homes

Your home can be a reflection of your personal style and taste. And if that involves a traditional-meets-trending touch, there’s no limit to how you can use the board and batten style. The possibilities are endless!

You can play with different batten board style siding materials and enjoy a mix-and-match game. Picture this: a modern farmhouse with metal boards and strips of wood for battens! The fun doesn’t end there, as you get to incorporate a variety of colours. Feeling bold? Go for contrasting colours – like a black-and-white theme!

Board and Batten Steel Roofing

You can also experiment with the spacing and width of the battens. While wide spacing can create an elegant look, closely-set battens can create a striking texture.

For a twist that makes your property stand out in the neighbourhood, jazz up the exteriors with lap siding, gables, bricks, stones, and more! Don’t forget to entice an onlooker and boost your curb appeal with metal roofing! There’s also the option to do something unique with an accent colour of a specific wall.

Board and Batten Style Home

You can go beyond the ordinary and time-tested styles and try some unique board and batten designs. Here are a few ideas and tips to inspire you –

  • Mixing with horizontal and vertical board panels
  • Installing laps for a vertical design
  • Using battens wider or thinner than usual – or a mix of both
  • Installing batten board on all exterior walls of the entire house – or a single accent wall
  • Using the style on different stories
  • Mixing with other materials and textures
  • Using bold or traditional colours
  • Adding design depth with thick battens for shadow and texture

And the list can go on and on! So don’t limit your creativity and unleash some artistic designs from within your mind!

Advantages of Board and Batten (Besides Being Stylish)

Clearly, the board and batten style’s first and foremost advantage is its style quotient. It’s versatile and lets you showcase your choice and personality. But this is more than the incredible style it brings to your property’s outer walls. It has many other advantages. Here’s a quick look at them –

  • It’s strong and durable and can withstand anything from high winds to hurricanes.
  • It forms vertical grooves that prevent leaks and penetration by rain or snow.
  • It protects your home from water damage.
  • It can last for several years if installed and maintained properly.
  • Its individual pieces are easy to maintain and replace.
  • It provides insulation to keep the temperature inside your property stable and unaffected by extreme heat or cold.

Batten Board Style Siding vs. Other Siding: Which is More Expensive?

One reason many people shy away from board and batten is that it’s a little more expensive than some of the other standard siding options. After all, the board and batten style requires a professional installation because the process needs to be done with care and finesse. But when you look at the alternative of vinyl siding, you are looking at a way longer life span, and way less maintenance.

A proper installation process takes longer to complete, too. However, you shouldn’t forget that board and batten metal siding are tough and long-lasting, protecting against a wide range of harsh weather conditions in Ontario Canada. So, in the long run, they can prove to be the most cost-efficient.

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