Steel Roofing in Chatham Kent

Are you Looking for Steel Roofing in Chatham? Country Towne Roofing has been providing Metal Roofing and Steel Roofing in Chatham since 2003 and have hundreds of positive client testimonials from all across Southwestern Ontario. Price Factors for Steel Roofing: 1. The size of the roof. The major factor here is size, the larger the […]


Best Metal Roofing In Ontario

Metal roofing in London has become more popular as it is long-lasting compared to other roofing materials. Country Towne Roofing contractors offer services in Ontario, Canada, providing high-quality roofing repair and installation in areas such as Blenheim, Ridgetown, Sarnia, London, and Tilbury. Their services include metal roofing, steel roofing, vinyl siding, fascia, and soffit, and […]


Why Install Metal Roofing?

Say goodbye to re-roofing forever with an environmentally friendly metal roofing solution that looks absolutely beautiful. Your neighbors will comment on how great your home looks, getting rid of that old roof and installing something with real curb appeal. We often get letters here at County Towne Roofing stating how often people walk right up […]


Metal Roofing 101

What do You Think of when I say: “Metal Roofing?” Educating Home Owners on the Benefits of Metal Roofing Often times when we hear the words, “Metal Roofing” and we think of those old tin roofs that we see on barns and sheds on the farm. Fact is that Metal Roofing has seen so many […]


Metal Roofing in Blenheim

Are You Looking for a New Metal Roof in Blenheim? Most everyone knows that asphalt shingled roofs deteriorate quickly and must be replaced to avoid water damage to your home and contents. Did you also know the quality of asphalt shingles has diminished over the years? Before you spend another dime on asphalt, consider the […]


Metal Roofing in Port Stanley

Let Us Install Your New Metal Roof in Port Stanley Country Towne Roofing is a well-established roofing company serving Southwestern Ontario. Is it time to replace your asphalt roof, or are you looking to remodel it? You must consider a Metal Roof in Port Stanley from Country Towne Roofing. We are one of the leading […]


Metal Roofing In Sarnia

Looking for a New Metal Roof in Sarnia? Tired of replacing shingles on your roof every few years? You need to contact Country Towne Metal Roofing, the experts in Southwestern Ontario and get all the information you need to make an informed decision about a new Metal Roof in Sarnia. County Towne is one of […]


Metal Roofing in Chatham

If the idea of eliminating one of major maintenance factors from home ownership appeals to you then you need to consider replacing that old asphalt roof with Chatham Metal Roofing by professional installers like Country Towne Builders. County Towne Roofing division are experts in the field and are experts for Chatham Metal Roofing, with almost […]


We are now an ATAS metal roofing and wall distributor!

Country Towne Builders are proud to announce an exciting new partnership with ATAS a leading manufacturer of metal roofing, metal wall, metal ceiling panels and more. Founded in 1963, ATAS International, Inc., a leading manufacturer of metal roofing, metal wall, metal ceiling panels and metal accessories, produces systems for commercial and residential buildings. The ATAS […]

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