Metal Cladding Products for Residential Construction

Metal Cladding Products for Residential Construction

Metal Cladding Products for Residential Construction

There are many reasons to use metal cladding for your home as a building material. Metal cladding is a style of a metal exterior finish that appeals to many because it looks good and offers better durability than other materials such as wood, stucco, vinyl or brick. Our Building Supply in Chatham offers different quality metal cladding products for residential construction to fit your needs and overall budget.

What is Metal Cladding?

Metal cladding is a metal exterior covering for buildings. Depending on the material used, it’s typically lightweight and can be attached to the building via mechanical fastenings as a protective layer for your home. The metal panels come in different thicknesses and colours (including paintable options), allowing homeowners to maximum design flexibility without compromising durability.

Metal Cladding Panels Can Be Used for many Purposes.

It’s very durable against the elements. You can choose from a wide range of styles and exterior siding materials to complement any architecture or design style it will add value to your property because the material is innately high quality. Finally, there are cost-effective options available depending on what you need.

Types of metal cladding:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Copper

Most people think that all three offer similar benefits – which they do in some ways and have their unique metal cladding systems.

Aluminum: This is typically going to be less expensive than steel and is the lighter weight of the three options. Aluminum can be painted, enamelled or anodized to give it different colours and finishes, which helps homeowners achieve a unique look for their home exterior.

Steel: This material offers more durability than aluminum but weighs much more – making installation challenging in some cases (which means higher labour costs). That said, once installed correctly, this metal cladding will last decades without needing repairs; owners should expect to see rusting over time if not properly maintained, however.

Copper: Copper has been extensively used as a roofing material since ancient times because of its natural resistance against weather elements such as rain, wind & sunlight. It’s extremely durable when professionally installed with proper fastenings, so it should last for decades. Like aluminum, it can be painted, enamelled or anodized to give homeowners more design options while also adding value to the exterior of their home.

The Benefits of Metal Cladding for your Home.

1) Saves you money and time

One of the major reasons is that it will save you money and time in the long run. Metal cladding installation is simple and takes no time. For example, when installing a metal roof on your house, there is no need to paint it every couple of years like traditional roofs because they never fade. That alone can save you thousands over the lifetime of your house.

2) Lasts a long time

Metal cladding products for residential construction is very strong and durable solution for your home. It lasts for years without any problems because it was designed to withstand bad weather, water damage and many other things that can cause traditional homes or houses with wood to rot away.

3) Easy to find

Another benefit is that it’s easy to find in most places. However, if you want something custom like copper cladding for your house or home, then you will need to look around more because there are not too many companies that work with copper sheets and other metal types.

4) Easy to fix

If you ever need to do small repairs on your house or home, it’s very easy. Metal cladding is very strong and durable so repairing the damage only takes a few minutes. When you compare that with wood shingles or vinyl siding, where even simple staining can take hours because of how much time it takes to dry, metal cladding has the advantage here as the popular option.

5) Stylish design

Metal cladding offers a stylish look too. All you need to do is find the right finish with colour and texture that matches your style. This way, it will be virtually invisible—no more worrying about having ugly siding on your house or home because of how it looks. Now you can have something sleek instead of traditional wood shingles, which are bulky and very noticeable along the roofline of your house or home’s exterior walls.

6) Wide range of styles and materials

You have a wide range of styles and materials to choose from, no matter if you are looking for residential steel roofing or siding. So whatever type of architecture or design style you want, there is something available to match your needs.

7) Energy efficiency for your home

You can save up to 35% on energy costs by using metal cladding and can even increase your property value. The material is high quality and will reflect the sun’s rays which means you use less air conditioning or heating with an overall reduction of cost for utilities as well as a more comfortable environment in general. This is another benefit that makes it highly attractive to homeowners who want something they know will last and be worth every penny spent over time versus other types of homes like wood shingles.

Commercial Builders use Metal Cladding

If you are looking for metal cladding products for residential construction, we also specialize in both home and commercial building materials. We will be able to offer the best options because we work with large roofs and are a manufacture of our quality metal products, so we have a lot more experience in metal than other roofers who do not work with metal everyday.

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Metal cladding is great for many reasons if you want to build an attractive house or home. The metal cladding profiles offer long-lasting durability without problems after being exposed to water damage, bad weather conditions and other things that may cause wooden houses & homes over time, especially in areas where there is a lot of different weather to deal with.

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