Siding Innovations & Creative Exterior Solutions

Creative Exterior Solutions

Siding Innovations & Creative Exterior Solutions

It’s easy to find information on making your house energy-efficient and modern on the inside. But have you ever considered making the exterior design of your house economical and modern to match? Different types of modern siding can reduce your energy costs by up to 30%, and our creative designs look great, too!

Read on to learn more about why metal siding looks great and is a sustainable choice for your home.

2 Different Types to Choose From

Materials matter when starting any remodeling project. Home owners can choose between steel siding, fibre cement siding, and more when looking to upgrade the exterior of their houses. So what does metal siding offer that other forms of siding do not?

Generally, metal siding is pest-proof, fireproof, and easy to install! The metal pieces can be added to your house or commercial building in many attractive, modern-looking arrangements.

Country Towne Building Supply only offers steel and corrugated metal sheet products. Here are some differences between the two:

  • Steel siding is extremely durable. It is very tolerant of the elements and rarely dents. However, it is considerably harder to work with than aluminum siding and may rust if not treated properly. It’s also usually more expensive!
  • Corrugated metal sheets, maybe a more economical option for you if you are looking to get a barn exterior updated.

Bear in mind that these metals will lose colour over time. If this happens, we will try to match the cladding material as closely as possible.

Aesthetic Appeal

Let’s say your house looks like something out of the 50s because it was built back then. You want a more modern home design with clean lines without tearing down your entire house. Metal siding is perfect for a building project like this, especially if you want something like a Scandinavian design. Clean architectural lines make your house look modern and highlight the natural beauty around it.

Siding Innovations

You will eventually have to choose between horizontal or vertical lines for your cladding style. If you want more of a modern country house, however, choose a horizontal orientation for a charming aesthetic. Add an attractive finish and visitors cannot tell that your house has metal armor.

And if you think metal siding won’t look good on your house, think again! Our design team can pick a style that suits your house perfectly. With clever installation options, our exterior finishes and colour chips will make your house’s siding remodel come out fabulous.

Energy Efficient

Metal siding makes your house more energy-efficient in two ways. One is by reflecting sunlight, keeping your house cooler in the summer; that means you won’t need as much air conditioning. You can save up to 30% on your energy bill by not running the AC all the time!

But what about during winter? In most metal cladding projects, the workers will put a layer of insulation beneath your house’s siding during the installation process. This combination keeps the cold air out and the warm air in. Your exterior walls will be both functional and fashionable!

If you’re trying to make a carbon-negative building, the best exterior design choice is metal siding. Reduce your carbon footprint and get metal siding for your house today!


Metal is also the most sustainable of siding innovations. Unlike cement or wood, metal is highly recyclable. Metal cladding can also be made of recycled materials; according to, most steel contains 25% recycled materials. Aluminum often contains more than that; next time you open a Pepsi, check to see how much is recycled. And most of the time, your metal siding will last a while—up to 35 years!

Both of the metals offered by Country Towne Building Supply are sustainably produced. Of the two metal siding innovations we offer, aluminum is more sustainable than steel. And with our custom panels, building owners can replace panels quickly without any hassle.


Finally, as an added perk, metal siding is totally pest-proof. If you have ever dealt with wood cladding on your exterior walls, you know bugs get in constantly. Cement wall siding panels aren’t safe, either; several species of wasps can burrow into concrete. If you want bug-proof architectural panels, metal cladding is the best way to go!

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Metal siding innovations are winning Ontario home owners over with durability and looks! Whether you choose steel siding, metal cladding or roofing…. they are all versatile material in modern contemporary home design.

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If you live in the Ontario area and are interested in our metal building products, please contact us on our website. Our design team will be in contact with you right away. We want your house or commercial buildings to be as beautiful as they are energy-efficient. Our local clients love us, and it shows in everything we do, we hope you will be next!

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