Best Steel Siding Contractors Near Me

Considering new siding to protect your home from Canada’s harsh weather conditions? Steel siding is a smart and popular solution – provided you get it installed by a professional contractor. So, it’s reasonable for you to wonder, “How do I find the best steel siding contractors near me?” The answer lies in choosing an experienced, […]


Steel Building Materials for Eco-Friendly Construction

Canada is one of the leaders in the global drive to adopt sustainability. It’s innovating efficient ways to achieve eco-friendliness. The change has reached its building construction sector, too, where green features, including sustainable building materials are common now. And steel tops the list of materials supporting the low impact of construction on the environment. […]


Comparing Low-Maintenance Siding Options

Does your home’s exterior look worn and weathered? Ontario’s harsh weather conditions in Chatham-Kent, constantly trigger the need to repair, repaint, or replace your residential siding material. But what if you could install low-maintenance siding options that also suits your budget? Low-maintenance siding materials like metal, fibre cement, fake brick veneer, etc., can cut your […]


LP Engineered Wood Siding vs. Fiber Cement

Are you a Canadian homeowner planning a home siding upgrade? Then, you may find yourself with a few material choices… Engineered wood siding vs. fiber cement siding – which is better? The weather conditions in different parts of Canada can be diverse and challenging. Both engineered wood and fiber cement can combat rain, snow, cold, […]


Home Exterior Material Suppliers Chatham

Do you want to give your home in Chatham-Kent a fascinating look while infusing inner strength? Upgrading its roofing and siding materials can be a great way to do that. When it comes to home exterior material suppliers in Chatham, Country Towne is your best bet! Country Towne is equipped for the growing needs of […]


How Much Does Steel Cladding Cost in Ontario?

The popularity of steel cladding has been soaring in Ontario. Why? Because steel is strong and highly durable, and emanates raw aesthetic appeal. Ontario is one province that has vigorously embraced modern architecture, eco-friendliness, and energy efficiency in construction. That reflects in commercial buildings and the steel cladding they use. Our rugged yet versatile panels […]


Modern Metal Siding: Transform Your Home Exterior Today!

Are you planning to strengthen your home’s exteriors – and give your property a brand new look? Metal siding might be the answer you’re looking for. For modern houses in Canada, metal can become a popular choice. Modern metal siding options offer an all-round solution. Besides, they boost the property’s curb appeal. Metal exterior sidings […]


Roof Installation Chatham – Best Roofing Options for Home or Business

One of the biggest nightmares for a residential or commercial property owner in Canada is a roof concern. In a place like Chatham-Kent that encounters snowfall, heavy rains, and humid summers, a sturdy roof is essential for all-round protection. So, it’s essential to pick the right option for roof installations in Chatham-Kent. While the most […]


Modern Home Exteriors in Chatham

Chatam-Kent is growing into a bigger municipality of trendy homes very quickly. Most new home owner’s are looking for a mix of classic and contemporary styles in building materials. An essential aspect is getting that look is… modern home exteriors in Chatham. It’s important to consider aesthetics, longevity and strength in your home’s exterior. One […]

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