Agricultural Metal Roofs & Wall Panels

Agricultural Metal Roofs

Agricultural Metal Roofs & Wall Panels


Agricultural buildings require durable steel panels that offer resistance and strength. Agricultural metal roofs and steel panel walls help handle harsh Canadian weather conditions like cold temperatures, high winds, heavy snowfall, rain, etc. For those concerned about the environment, It is a good idea to choose agricultural metal roofing and steel siding that are sustainable and made from recycled materials.


While buying an agricultural metal roof and wall panels, look for a wide range of products, from different metal roofing styles to more functional insulated metal panels for walls. You should have various options for styles, colors, gauges, etc., for barn siding, barn roofing, etc.


Let’s find out more about agricultural metal roofs and wall panels.



Looking for a Stronger Agricultural Roof?

Every farmer wants to protect their agricultural buildings like pole barns, animal shelters, and farm equipment sheds. These buildings are essential in preserving live stock or tractors by providing them with a protective structure. They also offer shelter to the farmer themselves, ensuring their safety.


These buildings are essential for the longevity of farming equipment and machinery, keeping them in perfect working condition. Let’s not forget that the farmers need protection and the right working conditions for increased productivity. The farmhouses and ranch-hand buildings also need protection from the elements.


When it comes to building improvement, metal roofing is a fast-growing roofing material on the market due to it’s longevity and durability. The benefits of metal roofs have also work extremely well for commercial applications, including in the agriculture industry. Farm owners want to upgrade their roofs by implementing metal roof panels because they last a Lifetime and are backed by a solid Warranty.


In fact, agricultural buildings are the basis of the “post-frame” industry that began decades ago, providing storage buildings, machine sheds, etc. The industry now includes boutique services like animal confinement, growing operations and warehouses for specialty crops, etc.


These buildings need strength, and metal panels are ideal for all of these applications. Metal roofs are tough and are very low maintenance, making them perfect for agricultural building applications. They also work as non-flammable roofing solutions. They are energy efficient and can also be paired with solar panels.


The benefits of metal roofing options also include a variety of styles and colors. Despite its many advantages, though, contractors are yet to become more familiar with the installation of metal roof panels. So you will need to contact a reliable and experienced contractor like Luke at Country Towne Metal Roofing.


Agricultural Metal Roofing: A Durable Solution


One of the reasons metal roof panels are an excellent choice for an agricultural, commercial, or residential building project is longevity. Metal roofs can last for up to 60+ years, which is about 2-3 times more than the life of an average shingle roof. Metal roofing is a popular choice because of its extreme life span.


Agricultural Metal Buildings


There are several properties of metal roof panels that contribute to their long lives. The advantage of metal is that it does not erode, crack, shrink, or expand easily. Thus, it is an excellent option for roofing and siding in regions with extreme temperatures and weather conditions.


Metal roofs are resilient to hailstorms, snow storms, high winds, wildfires, rain, ice, and more. Hence, they last much longer than traditional shingle roofs. In fact, people who install metal roofing do not have to worry about redoing their roofs for the rest of their lives, thanks to their long-term performance.


Metal roofs have a class 4 rating when it comes to weather conditions. It does not become brittle in sun exposure. Another great property that leads to its durability is its resistance to termites and insects that can lead to its damage. It is also non-combustible and has a Class A fire rating.


Many roofing companies take metal roofing systems to the next level by combining coatings and substrates and pairing such combinations with durable exposed and concealed fastener panel lines. Building owners can also choose standing seam roofing options.


Why Choose Metal Panels For Your Agricultural Building?


Agricultural building owners are making a transition to metal rooftops and sidings for plenty of reasons. We have already spoken about its durability and longevity, which make it more advantageous compared to fiberglass, wooden, or asphalt roofing. The other reasons are as follows –


a) Cost-Effective

Since there are different types of metal panels available, agricultural building owners have the opportunity to choose precisely the type of metal roofing that suits their budget. Plus, because they are durable and long-lasting, they save the money you’d otherwise spend on maintaining or replacing your roofing.

b) Sustainable

Metal roofing allows you the opportunity to go green because it is an eco-friendly option. It is entirely recyclable once you decide that the building has reached the end of its life and purpose. You can also look for metal panels made out of recycled materials.

c) Easy to Install

An expert contractor will not have any issue installing metal panels. They can be cut to a quarter of an inch, and metal sheets offer more coverage, thus saving time. Therefore, metal panels are easy and quick to install, especially in the hands of an experienced contractor.

d) Design Options

Metal panels for roofs come in a variety of textures, colors, styles, and more. So, it is possible to choose options that fit different types of building designs like commercial buildings, office buildings, residential homes, etc., in addition to agricultural buildings.

Metal Roofing Gauges: What’s Best Gauge For Pole Barns?

Metal roofing panels have different thickness levels. Owners of pole barns are often unsure about the correct gauge for the construction, as it is an open-frame structure. Usually, it is advised that 26-gauge metal roofing should be used for the roof and walls of a large barn. On the other hand, 29 gauge should be sufficient, especially for the walls if it is a small barn.

Can You House Livestock Within Metal Paneled Buildings?

Metal roofs are the perfect choice for agricultural buildings, including those that house livestock. They’re durable and offer flexibility in design so you can create an agricultural building that is both functional and pleasing to the eye.


There are however some special considerations for animal confinement, it is essential to have proper ventilation for instance. Regular maintenance and cleaning are also necessary to keep out manure and dirt. Metal panel coatings such as Knar500 may extend the life of metal panels, too.


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